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7 Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Income

Maybe you’re not earning as much as you would like at your full-time job, or maybe you’re just curious about exploring some other career possibilities without quitting your current role. You might be ready to launch a side hustle! If you’re searching for innovative ideas, you can check out Xpress Urway. Here are a few possible side hustles, from working as a part-time interior designer to becoming a dog walker.

Interior Design

Perhaps you’ve always had a knack for interior design, but you never pursued this interest as a full-time career path. However, don’t discount the possibility of an interior design side hustle. To enhance your credibility, you may want to take classes, search for an internship, or earn certification in this niche. If you want to learn more about the earning potential of interior designers, click here for more info.

Freelance Writing

There are endless opportunities for freelance writers. Today, practically every business needs to work with writers, so you could offer services like content marketing or technical writing. Furthermore, you could also write for newspapers, magazines, or trade journals. To get the word out about your freelance writing side gig, you’ll want to set up a portfolio website with your writing samples. You can also look online for freelance job openings at different businesses or publications or search for editors who have put out recent calls for pitches.

Dog Walking

If you love dogs and you have experience with dog ownership, you could start a dog walking side hustle! No matter where you live, some of your neighbors will need a dog walker. You can start looking for clients on a dog walking app, or you can advertise locally by promoting your services on social media or by putting up flyers around town.


Depending on your academic background and work experience, you might be able to charge a high hourly rate for tutoring. You can tutor students of all ages in subjects like math, science, English, and more. If you want to turn tutoring into a lucrative side hustle, Care recommends doing some market research first. Find out what other tutors in your area are charging, and then focus on building your business until you can raise your rates. You may want to start by honing in on one age group, but you can expand your services later on.

Social Media Management

If you’ve gained some experience with social media management through a full-time job, you might also be able to offer this service to various businesses and organizations on a freelance basis. For example, you could manage social media accounts for local retail stores, restaurants, nonprofits, and more!

Lots of small business owners and nonprofit managers understand that leveraging social media is an effective way to reach new customers, but they don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to handle social media management on their own. Reach out to local business owners and inquire about social media management opportunities. As you build your client base, you can demonstrate the growth of these accounts with analytics.

Graphic Design

Have you always been artistic? You may be able to start a side hustle as a graphic designer! For instance, you might want to design logos or banners for businesses, create marketing materials, or even design full advertisements. If you have web design skills, you could offer both services together as a package deal. Furthermore, if you’re more passionate about print design than digital design, you could create t-shirts, stickers, mugs, and other merchandise for companies.

Rent Out Your Home

Do you have a large property? If you have rooms that you do not use, consider renting them out for tourists or working professionals who take short-term contracts in your area, such as consultants or travel nurses. But before you put up a room for rent, you’ll need to make sure it’s appealing to potential renters. Investopedia recommends thoroughly cleaning your home, repairing any appliances, and ensuring that you’ve addressed any possible maintenance issues before welcoming renters. You’ll also need to advertise your room on several short-term rental platforms.

Starting a side hustle is a smart move if you’d like to save more money, spend time on your interests outside of your full-time job, or simply expand your professional skill set. You can turn almost any interest or skill into a viable side hustle! With these tips, you might be motivated to pursue interior design, freelance writing, tutoring, or another side hustle.

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