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7 Jobs That May Call to You

In these modern days, with the use of technology and electronics like phones, there are various jobs that people can do. If you are a person that enjoys doing jobs that involve exploring and moving from one place to another, then on-call jobs are your choice. In this article, we are going to provide you with different jobs where you can work on-call and still earn good money.

What Are On-Call Jobs?

On-call jobs differ from traditional full-time jobs in that one can work part-time and still earn good money. With on-call jobs, you only set your schedule depending on the appointment or your needs. This occupation allows you to be your own boss and still enjoy doing what you love. The below points explain the various jobs you can do as on-call and still manage to create a successful career or business.

Repair Technician

Working as a repair technician means you don't operate like someone working from an office. This job requires one to be readily available in case of any call for a job. The skills needed for this job include repairing HVAC equipment, plumbing, electrical, and even laptops. A repair technician gets a good salary which is able to sustain their lifestyle; therefore, you can consider this job.

IT Technician

This is among the top jobs one can do if interested in on-call jobs. The work involves repairing electronics like computers which are widely used in modern days. Such an occupation does not need one to have a degree; instead, you can choose to train at a community college to qualify. In case you have an interest in electronics, this is your chance to add this job to your list.


Being a veterinarian is such an excellent job that it allows one to care for animals. The occupation is good for you if you like working part-time since it allows you to concentrate on other things. If you are also looking for a job that allows you to have your own office, this is the right one since you can have a clinic and still work on-call jobs.


Physicians' jobs entail taking care of sick people both in hospitals and in homes. When working as a physician, it is common to get calls from homes to make a diagnosis of a sick person. This is one of the on-call jobs that you can add to your list if you don't like working from one position the entire time.

Mental Health Case Manager

When working as a mental health care manager, expect to receive calls from homes with patients suffering from mental health. The job requires you to be alert and always ready to rush when a case arises. It is also a good occupation since the salary is good and it allows interaction of patients and other people in general.

Voice Acting

Voice acting has become one of the popular on-call jobs that pay well, and it's fun to do. If you have the talent of imitating other people's voices or can create any voice to match a character, this is your job. You might also be talented and wonder how to get into voice acting; it is so simple. First, find a school with voice acting courses; many of them depend on your location and how you want to study. You can choose to search online, where many schools use social media platforms like websites to market themselves.

Emergency Roadside Specialist

Many things happen on the road on a daily basis. At times there are accidents, and when such happens, there must be someone ready to rush to the scene to provide help. Working as a roadside specialist will give you the chance to save people's lives. Apart from accidents, other things also happen along the road that people might want to seek help with. For example, a car might run out of gas or have a blown tire, and since no one is available to help, the solution is to call a roadside specialist.


Always ensure to do your research well when looking for jobs that may call you in order to make a good decision. There are many platforms that offer training; therefore, it is easy to start your career as early as possible.

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