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How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

So you want to make money online. Cool cash in the comfort of your home. It’s a great and realistic goal. But the fact Is, it’s hard to make money online without having a blog.

If you surf the net, all the posts you see are on one website or the other. However, you don’t have a blog, and for one reason or the other, you can’t have one in the foreseeable future. But, you want to make money!

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

You have been using Pinterest for personal use quite some time, right?. It is a platform where pictures are the currency. You share photos, Animated Gifs, and videos on pin boards.

The cool thing I want to share with you is how you can make money using Pinterest. You have been using the thing for some time, but I bet it never crossed your mind you can make money from it. Let me teach you how to go about it.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? It’s a way of earning money through referral links. Let’s go layman here; it means you share a company’s product through a link, and if someone clicks on the pin and buys what you share, you get paid by the company that owns the product.

The company you get your product from. The link you share is really special, and it’s tailored to you alone. You get it by signing up for an affiliate program of a company.

The link they provide to you is unique because if anybody purchased anything through that link, they would recognize that it’s from you. It’s like a phone’s fingerprint lock that will only remember your finger.

This affiliate marketing is a great way to make cool cash without much work. Pinterest makes it more remarkable that they allow affiliate marketing. Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram don’t allow the use of affiliate links.

Even google doesn’t let you rank high if you have affiliate links on your page. We can’t blame them much, as it’s true many people who post affiliate links are spammers. If that negativity is too much on their platforms, it might crash from people not trusting it again.

Did you know many people use Pinterest to determine their purchase.? I won’t gush too much on how cool affiliate marketing on Pinterest is, even though I want to. Owning a blog is not the only way.

There are more ways to make money on Pinterest without going through the hassle of owning a blog, maintaining it, and writing lengthy words. That makes me shudder just thinking about it.

How do I make money on Pinterest?

An excellent question. You can start earning over $300 per month. You achieve this all from home or wherever suits you the most. So, the point is, what is the way to do this? But the thing is, you have to put in some effort for it to pay off. For affiliate marketing, you have to go through three processes.

1.Register with a company for affiliate commission

The first is signing up with the affiliate program of your choice. Note that you should compile products or company services that relate; that means you should create a niche. Become a brand for a particular type of product and services. That way, you will be easily recognized by potential clients.

So you have to find out about a reliable company. The products must be good since you are going to be promoting them. You don’t want to promote something with lousy quality. If you are not sincere in providing your customers with something of value to buy, you will create a bad reputation for yourself.

Once people realize that the products you recommend to them are bad, who will want to buy another one from you? It’s just the reality of things. So to prevent this, research the best companies in your niche out there.

They have to be the best of the best, register for their affiliate commission, and use their link. If you provide value to your customers, you will soon become a brand name. I mean, who doesn’t want quality, and nobody likes to be ripped off. So basically, be honest, and provide your clients with good products.

2.Create amazing pins

So after you have signed up with the company of your choice, you have to create a clickable pin. Something that will immediately arrest the attention of your audience, and they will want to know more. Pins are pictures you design and upload to your board on Pinterest, and a pinboard is a place on Pinterest where you pin your collection of pins. You can use canvas or any other app to design your pins (the images).

Moreover, you can get a professional to help you create your pins. It would be best if you did it yourself because you will be making so many, and it’s not hard to develop using apps like canvas and others. Create your pin yourself, and you will soon become a pro at it. I assure you will soon smile at the bank. You become’ I see, I like, I got it,’ you get me? Money flows in ah ah.

3.Add the affiliate link to your pin

Now that you have made your pin, the next thing is to upload it on Pinterest. You have to click on the pin you uploaded. After clicking, you will see a plus button at the top right corner.

Click on the plus button to add your affiliate link. If anybody should see your pin and click on it, it will redirect them to where the product you want to sell and get an affiliate commission. Cool right?

Please take note that it is the affiliate company that pays you, not Pinterest. Pinterest provides the platform for you to do this. So if you don’t have a Pinterest account today, get it now. I smell money in the air.

The pin given to you is unique in the sense that it will only recognize you. It has been tailored to document it when someone clicks and buys something that it’s you who sold it.

There is no worry about how they would know that it’s you who sold it through your link. The link will document it and send the signal back to the company to sell the products. The company, in return, gives your commission.

Can you succeed at affiliate marketing without a blog using only Pinterest?

Yes, you can succeed at affiliate marketing without using a blog. You must know that people make huge money out there on the net.

What makes the net attractive is you don’t have to go out in the sun, sweating before you can make ends meet. All you have to do is sit at home with some pizzas and a drink making money behind your computer.

It’s a dream come true, I tell you. Just imagine having all you always wanted only by staying home and doing somethings on the net, and voila, money comes in.

Unfortunately, you have to have a blog to write anything on the net that is not a search engine or comment section. But you, my friend, don’t want to go through the hassle of maintaining a blog; how do you go about it?

For every problem, there is a solution if you know how to look for it. You can make money without owning a blog. Okay, now, let’s get down to it already? Like I have mentioned, affiliate links are the best.

Many people make more than five thousand dollars per month through it. Just make sure your pins are attractive and arresting enough to your selected audience. Let it be that when they see the pin(image), they will go ‘wow’ I must see what this is about.

Once they click the link, it will redirect them to your product, and if they like it, they buy, and you earn money; everybody wins.

Does Pinterest business cost anything?

This is an excellent question. It cost nothing. All you have to do is go to the Pinterest website and create an account. It’s best to use a business email that correlates with your niche.

The business email is crucial because the affiliate companies ask for it as an alternative for a blog. A business email is not hard to create, and you don’t have to worry about that.

Just go to your email add account and choose a business account when you are registering the email. Follow the process, and you will have a business email in no time.

Use your business email to create an account, and within a couple of minutes, your Pinterest account is done. You won’t pay anything to register for Pinterest; you can only earn more money there.

This is amazing, and I can hear your sharp inhalation. You must be thinking, how could I not know about this a long time ago. Please don’t feel too bad, and it’s not too late to start now.

How do I use Pinterest to monetize

You might be thinking, oh, I have to be tech proficient, or someone cool and knows his way around the net and cool things relating to URLs. No, you can make money as a beginner.

As a complete newbie, you can make money on Pinterest. Pinterest is not magic; you have to work and put in sometimes before you start seeing results.

But once you start seeing results, it’s guaranteed that you will be making over $2,000 per month, depending on how much you focused on making it work. You can make $10,000 if you put in the effort.

I repeat, you don’t need to be proficient in tech or anything before you can start. All you need is necessary typing skills and a niche you love and have something to present to your audience, and you are good to go.

Have an arresting Pinterest profile

Your profile says a lot about you. It’s like the title of an article or a video. It determines if people will click on your content. Let your profile be irresistible. Of course, please don’t overdo it or make it tacky. It depends on your niche. Let your profile be something that will get the attention of your targeted audience.

You can not target women and put a man’s picture as your profile pics your targeted audience won’t come. Let the cover picture say everything they will get if they come to you. But don’t feel pressured. Do your best.

Pin other people’s pin

Share other people’s pins on your pin board. I mean, the hooks they uploaded, you can pin it to your board. This helps you a lot enormously. If you are a newbie and haven’t started making your pin, it’s a great way to start.

Pick the pins that are very popular in your because, duh, that means they are the ones that will sell. So look out for the pins that catch your eyes and the trendy ones.

I say that catch your eyes because if the pin stands out to you, the chances are that it will stand out to someone else as well. So don’t waste time going out there and start making money.

Join group boards on Pinterest

Did you know you can join a platform on Pinterest? It’s like a Facebook group. The group board is created by one person who is the admin. The owner will add other pinners to the website.

The members can pin on the group board if they are allowed. What makes group boards attractive is it’s usually more popular from the collaboration than a single inner board.

So, if you can join such a group and add your pins to their boards, it will show it’s yours, making you more popular and gain more audience. You will have more potential clients to click on your affiliate links because there are more people on the group board platform.

How’s it going? Are you feeling excited for your future bank account? The process of joining a Pinterest group is similar to Facebook. Find a group with relations to your niche.

Most of them have a request to join button that you can press as a newbie looking to join them. Some of these groups might ask a couple of questions before accepting your offer to join their group—those questions.

Are to ascertain your goals are the same as theirs, and you are family members in inch ah.

How to make money on click bank and Pinterest

Do you want to know another affiliate heaven like Pinterest? This is Clickbank. Click bank is another cool platform that allows you to use affiliate links on their website to market your products.

Click bank is very friendly to people who are new to affiliate marketing. Why? Because it provides affiliate products for you to choose from, and 90% of these do not require all the questions the big affiliate companies ask you. It doesn’t require any verification. You can go in, get your link and start selling.


You have probably tried signing up to an affiliate company. The intimidating questions they ask you, like whether you have a website or experience, and other problems, will have you given an eye roll to yourself at how unfit you are to take the job.

You might start getting discouraged and feel you are unqualified for affiliate marketing. Click bank comes to the rescue and gives you links to company’s that won’t ask all this; they give you their link, and you market it.

But, you should research the product you want to sell. Find out if people actually because, let me tell you, integrity is vital in business. Nobody will come back for seconds if you recommend bad products to them


Everything has its negative side. What is the negative side of this site? The downside of this site is that they take 1% off every purchase. Like why would they do that, take out of your money? If it’s Pinterest, everything is free. Not only will they take your money, but they will also take a commission every time you withdraw your money from the place.

There are new platforms with the pro of Clickbank, but none of it cons. This is why it’s been losing traffic for some time now. Hopefully, they will revive the policy of taking commissions soon. Other sites like Pinterest did it, and I don’t see them crying.

How to promote click bank without a website

Okay, so you are on click bank, you want to do affiliate marketing, and you have researched the product you wish to promote and sell. The main course now is how do you reach the audience? People who will be interested in what you are promoting. Don’t disturb yourself, and it’s not hard to do. Follow my steps closely.

Influencer marketing

You should know how popular influencers are. They have a big audience. That’s what is most important. Influencers are like small-time celebrities. Unfortunately, not all of us are popular. When you need to get something across to a lot of people, what do you do?

You get someone who has their eyes and ears. Find an influencer in your niche to help you advertise your link on their forum. But it’s not going to be free, you have to pay the influencers money for advertisement. That’s one way to do it. Let’s see another way.

Content marketing

The most stress-free form of affiliate marketing. I mean, come on, it doesn’t require a blog for it to work. Content marketing at its lowest is people posting their link anywhere they find, this is called spamming, and it’s super annoying.

They put it in other people’s comment sections. They drop it anywhere they feel like. This annoys people, and it’s one reason Google doesn’t let websites with affiliate links rank very highly; it’s not to the customer’s taste.

You can market your affiliate link by answering questions on google and quota. While answering the problem, you can drop the affiliate link related to the topic you are answering.

So when people see the answer, they will click the link as a way to get additional answers to their questions. It takes time, and it can be challenging, but it’s the easiest and cheapest way you can find out there. This is the most important thing to note.

Affiliate marketing brings in cool cash when done well. But, many people want everything to fall in place without doing anything. Affiliate marketing requires you to put in time and effort if you wish for a positive result. So, start working on it now. You will surely get your return if you put in the action now.

Professional tipoff

Get your hands on some content that contains a referral link and see how it’s done. Make sure it’s content that is doing well and selling.

You can study what makes this thing sell, the peculiar things about it I should note down to create an amazing one like it. Note all these things and put it into practice you will see the result in more sales trust me.


I have laid it all down for y; what will your choice be? Will you choose to put the effort and give affiliate marketing a try on Pinterest or click bank. I have shown how you can do it without owning a blog.

A blog might be too much to handle for you, so go for the options you have been given. I will be so disappointed if you don’t share stories of how this article changed your life for the better for your great-grandchildren.

They got to know how the secrets were laid down for you and you made vast sums of money including the mansion you lived in when you were telling the story.

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