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When Can I See My New Hair Transplant Hair Start to Grow?

In recent times, more people are thinking about their health, personal beauty, appearance and many more. But because of their busy schedule, they could not manage all the things and experienced hair loss and were more concerned with baldness. Because of their work, people take a lot of burden and stress and in the end this effect on their body because of lack of nutrition. Hair loss is not any country orientated issue but it is a common health concern in both men and women.

The Best Hair Transplant in Clinic Delhi recommended that hair loss can also exist because of hormonal changes, medications, genetics, etc. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent which can lead to unusual problems for a person. To solve this condition people choose to have a hair transplant and it’s a common question and dilemma that after the surgery hair will grow or not.

First, very congratulations that your surgery was successful and now you are in the right direction if you have this question: when will your hair start growing. Your hair will definitely grow after a hair transplant for sure. The surgical technique is to obtain the hair follicles from body parts called “donor sites” to a bald head, or bald body parts called “recipient sites.” This technique is primarily used to deal with hair loss. The surgery can be done on anyone irrespective of gender. Hair Transplant is a globally accepted method and widely used method for hair regrowth in the world. This method has two techniques FUT( Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) with a very high success rate.

After a hair transplant, hair is painless. The best hair transplant doctor in Delhi suggested that hair will be shed during the first two weeks and it’s a normal process, no need to worry about it. After this, regrowth begins and about four months of folliculitis can occur. After some time it will also fade away or non-pigmented hair will replace it in around four months. Hair will slowly become darker and thicker, somewhere around eight months. And at this time a person gets to see the final hair growth pattern after eight months. Within 12 months, all significant changes will stop, and the result should be a full strand of hair. You can Surely look for a Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi and take a consultation if you faced any problems with it.

  • About 10 to 20% hair growth is identified in 3 to 4 months after hair transplant.

  • After the next six months, you can see about 50% hair growth after a hair transplant

  • And after 8 to 9 months you can see 80% results of hair growth

  • Everyone can see 100% better results of Hair Transplant in 9 to 12 months after getting a Perfect FUE hair transplant.

So, here you can see when your hair will start growing again. It is recommended that patients should hurry by seeing others because everyone has different health, different body, different prescriptions. So don’t lose hope and don’t worry. You had a successful surgery and your hair will be regrown soon. Read More:- Hair Transplant in India

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