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Ways to Use Floral Design in Your Bedroom

A bouquet of colorful flowers that shows one of the ways to use floral design for maximum effect.

People have used flowers and floral designs to decorate their homes for centuries. It is one of the tried and true means of decoration that will always give a more homely atmosphere to the room. Whether you renovate your home or simply wish to freshen up your bedroom, the floral design approach is a great choice. However, putting too many colors and floral designs can have a negative effect. Overdoing the floral theme can make your bedroom look kitsch and reduce appeal. That is why you must consider which style and design you want carefully. Here are some ways to use floral design in your bedroom with taste.

Achieving maximum effect through minimalism

Having a few pieces of floral décor will make it more prominent overall. A central flower pot with colorful flowers standing in a white or beige bedroom will draw much more attention than having four or five flower pots around the room.

This is also true for your furniture and other items that might be cluttering the bedroom. Too many things and furniture you don’t need in your room will take away from your décor. Therefore, to avoid feeling smothered in their bedrooms, many people today rent storage. Items like old furniture and antiques are some of the most common things stored in storage units. They clutter up the room and quite often don’t fit the décor.

The minimalistic approach is one of the modern styles of room decoration. Your bedroom will have a lot of space. Using a limited number of flowers will add the right amount of character to the room without cluttering it. Try using smaller pots and flowers for this design and pick key locations around the room where they will be noticed.

Complementing the floral design with the wall colors

If you plan to paint your bedroom soon, this is the perfect time to get some ideas about the various ways to use floral design styles. An ideal addition to your floral décor would be choosing wall colors that complement it. Treat your room like a canvas, a blank slate. Try out the various combinations before committing to one.

However, any paint job will require you to clear your room. You might not have enough space to move your furniture into another room, or maybe it is too heavy. Therefore, follow the advice of experts at, and hire movers to deal with furniture relocation. Most of them provide packing and storing services, too, which would be a great solution to your furniture problem. You want to have your bedroom walls easily accessible. That is necessary for the paint job itself. In addition, it will also allow you to consider the colors for your floral design much easier since your view won’t be blocked by furniture and other distractions.

Regarding the color of your walls, white walls are classic and the easiest to work with. The neutrality of white walls will let you add any colors to your floral design. That will allow you to add a lot more richness and presence of the colors you want without overdoing it. You could also pick cream, light brown, beige, and other soft colors for your walls. This approach will suit a more traditional floral design with plenty of colorful flowers.

In case you want something moodier

One of the ways to use floral design is to achieve a moodier atmosphere. Many people today choose a more gothic approach to their bedroom designs. The colors are much darker, and your wall colors should complement that. To create a moody atmosphere, use ink-colored flowers and other dark shades in your floral design. Chrysanthemums and purple hibiscus are great examples of flowers that fit such a design. However, these flowers will be pretty prominent, so use only a few. For this style, you might also want to adapt your lighting in the bedroom. Avoid using very bright lights that would ruin the moody atmosphere of your room.

A more Victorian-era approach

If you like the glamour and want the saturation of colors in your bedroom, you can go with a more Victorian-era design. This design involves not only flowers but flower-patterned furniture and even wallpapers. Victorian houses were known for their saturation of colors. Their walls were covered in wallpapers that fit the theme, often containing flower depictions. For such a décor, your floral design should involve flowers of all shapes and sizes. Experimentation and imagination should be your guides for such a floral design. Try out various combinations and see what you like the most.

Final thoughts

One piece of advice to consider when choosing a floral design is the issue of pets. Cats and dogs, in particular, tend to drop things on the floor. If you have a lot of flower pots in your bedroom, they may break often. Consider the safety and behavior of your pets when choosing your floral décor. If your cat loves dropping things on the floor, you may find a more modern floral décor style with fewer pots more suitable.

Floral designs add a plethora of options and styles to your bedroom decoration. We have provided some of the best ways to use floral design in your bedroom. Now it is up to you to find the perfect style for your bedroom. Go to your local flower shop and see what colors, shapes, and sizes of flowers you can find. Mix and match them to find the color combination you like. That will be a great start to choosing the floral design style you want for your bedroom.

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