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Creative Ways Lighting Can Improve Your Décor

It’s not only the furniture and colors that render your home stylish. There are creative ways lighting can improve your décor and add that final touch that makes your living space extraordinary. Here are a few ideas you can try.

LED mirrors look amazing and shrink your electricity bill

The arrival of LED lights has transformed the industry. Suddenly you have something that reduces electricity consumption and looks fantastic simultaneously. You are probably aware you can replace all your light bulbs with their LED counterparts and make your home more energy-efficient. But did you know about LED mirrors? Those are mirrors of different shapes and sizes with built-in LED lights that discreetly illuminate the space. These mirrors can be placed on the bathroom wall or in the hallway near the entrance. They make an excellent decorative detail. And, believe it or not, everyone looks much better in them than in regular mirrors. With a LED mirror in your home, taking mirror selfies will become your everyday hobby.

Light up a centerpiece to achieve that museum elegance

This idea was borrowed from the people that decorate museums. In most museums and art galleries, there is no regular lighting solution that illuminates the whole room. Instead, the light focuses on the pieces on display. You can choose to highlight some special items by concentrating a little light on them while dimming the light in the remaining parts of the room. For example, you can mount a single floating shelf on an empty living room wall. Put on it an item you like, valuable sports memorabilia, for example. Then, install two small wall lamps directing them to shine over the item. This will add drama to your home interior, and it's one of the wayslighting can improve your décor.

Illuminate shelves in your liquor cabinet

This light trick has been popular in bars for quite some time. But if you are a keen liquor collector and like to display your precious bottles, you can shed some light on them. One attractive option would be to put LED stripes inside the liquor cabinet, along the top inner corners of each shelf, for example. These flexible lighting solutions are easy to installon the already existing shelves, and they are not very expensive. Other possibilities include putting tiny, battery-powered lamps between the bottles or mounting a spotlight lamp on the ceiling that will dramatically bathe your little liquor corner in light. Whatever solution you choose will make a strong impression on your guests.

Recessed puck lighting on your wardrobe will make it a star of the room

Lighting does not have to be restricted to the ceilings and walls only. You can position puck lights along the top edge of your wardrobe, and suddenly, it becomes the star of the room. Your morning dress-up ritual will become more elegant, giving your day a little nudge into stylishness. Apart from it looking fantastic, these lights are pretty handy. You will be able to see the contents of your wardrobe better. Just as the experts from say, wardrobes with sufficient light available to illuminate them are more likely to be tidy than those in the dark. The reason is simple – when you don't see your clothes, you tend to rummage through them without much order. Give this fact a thought.

Colorful lights are one of the creative ways lighting can improve your décor

Even though it may seem a bit kitschy to you, colorful lights can blend into your homequite nicely. The only catch is not to put them just anywhere. For example, if you have a monochromatic room, LED color stripe lights lining the corners of the ceiling can shine in that same color. You do not need to match the color light to your room, though, because once you switch off the regular light, your furniture, walls, and floor will suddenly become black and grey. Then turn on your blue light, for example. The entire room and everything in it will match perfectly with blue.

But the colorful lights are most effective in the kid’s room. Your child will be ecstatic! To kids, the light of a different color is fun, and it will be a cool feature they will be happy to show off to their friends. All of them come with a remote, which makes them both a lighting solution and a toy.

Decorative quotes written in light

Inspirational quotes have become very popular in the past years. They seem to have the power to lift our spirits and give us a little push forward when we feel like giving up. Nowadays, you can find your favoritequote in neon lights and hang it on your wall. That can be an excellent detail in your bedroom or hallway that will give off a soft glow and elegantly illuminate the space. If you are settling into your new home after the recent relocation, this kind of motivation might be just what you need to feel a bit better. Like many people, you might feel down due to these significant life changes, and some positive motivation is good to have, among other things, to help you adjust faster. In any case, this is a very creative use of lighting that will make your space more personalized.

Eye-catching statement light fixture pieces

The good old chandeliers. As many of us believe, they will never go out of style. Instead of opting for unpretentious lighting fixtures, treat yourself with a bombasticeye-catching piece. There are some astonishing modern creations and more classic but equally mesmerizing crystalchandeliers. This solution may be a bit more costly, but it is easier to install, and,in some cases, it is exactly what a home needs to become fabulous.

Intricate ceiling designmakes any room more attractive

A great way to take your home interior to another level is to redesign the ceiling with a combination of lights and gypsum patterns. This might be a more expensive endeavor and a bit messier to carry out. Those embarking on a new home renovation should consider it because it is the easiest to do before the furniture is in. But even though this is not an economical solution, it can be one of the most attractive features of a room.


There are many creative ways lighting can improve your décor. All you need to do is think about the mentioned ideas and put them up against your creativity. With some brainstorming, researching the prices, and budget planning, you can get your home to look astonishing at a price you can afford. Exactly what you need, right?

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