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Vintage bathroom designs that are making a comeback

Believe it or not - yesterday is the future. Yes, that’s right. No longer is the futuristic coolness of white or neutral tiles the leading design paradigm of the day. There are so many vintage bathroom designs that are making a comeback - you just have to pick your favorite.

So, the retro-styled elements of bathroom interior design have unmistakably dismantled the consistently influential minimalist chic Scandinavian bathrooms. This is great because this trend enables you to experiment with multiple vintage and contemporary aesthetic principles by mixing them up any way you find most appropriate. And this is especially true if you live in a historic home. Many real estate investors want to retain or renew the original vibe and aesthetic of their properties. Therefore, let’s take a look at which bathroom features you might want to introduce to your bathroom to make it more retro.

Vintage washstands

Vintage-inspired washstands are an interesting alternative to your regular old vanity or countertop sinks. Namely, washstands are recognizable for their impactful structure, faucets with delicate elements, and porcelain handles.

What also sets them apart is that they have either 3 or 4 legs that hold the sink. Sometimes they even have storage space and a drawer for toiletries. However, the exposed piping and the dominance of the sink should always draw attention to the washstand itself.

All of this makes bathrooms with washstands appear less utilitarian. In sum, with a washstand, your bathroom will be graced by elegant, purer lines from simpler times. Moving and storage experts behind suggest that you can compensate for the lack of storage by adding an attention-grabbing, vintage modular medicine cabinet.

Vintage hardware

Changing your entire sink can be too much of a hassle. Luckily, there are other ways you can introduce vintage bathroom design into your bathroom or powder room. A cheaper but by no means inferior method is to change the hardware and fixtures.

The primary benefit of changing your hardware is that your bathroom will get that timeless, stylish, even custom-made vibe. So, you can change your grubby-looking industrial-style faucet for a tap that has a polished chrome or copper overlay. Furthermore, you should also consider having your grout (i.e., the filth that gets stuck between tiles) professionally cleaned to refresh your bathroom without any comprehensive remodeling.

If something less overtly posh is to your liking, you will be pleased to hear that brass is back in vogue! You can choose between geometrical and futuristic design evoking the 1980s or opt for a more traditional, curved faucet with two valve-like levers for hot and cold water.

Checkerboard flooring is one of the major vintage bathroom designs that are making a comeback

Interestingly enough, this evergreen tile pattern has been around since ancient Egyptian times. However, the checkerboard pattern we are referring to, sometimes called the “harlequin”, has dominated the bathroom and kitchen designs in the 1920s and ’30s.

Back then, linoleum was the material of choice for fixing up a checkerboard pattern. However, it makes more sense to invest in ceramic tiles that last longer.

The main reason checkerboard flooring is making such a strong comeback is related to the pattern’s versatility. Namely, this pattern allows you to experiment with tile size and color. You can design much more impactful tiling in comparison to the usual one-tile, one-pattern scheme. If you are reluctant to experiment with color, you are free to go for a more modern interpretation. It consists of the classic black-and-white checkerboard tiled flooring paired with shiplap or frameless glass. So, when choosing flooring for your bathroom, consider the checkered pattern.

Terrazzo tiling is also making a comeback

Terrazzo is not only mesmerizing, it is also famous for its durability. It was most appreciated in the 1950s and ’60s. Back then, terrazzo was an unavoidable part of chic bathrooms before the 70’s disco era pushed it into abeyance.

Terrazzo is, unfortunately, more expensive than marble or granite, but it is well worth the money. If it is too costly to remodel your entire bathroom with terrazzo, you can use it for bathroom cabinet countertops or as flooring in the shower. Once you install it, you will never again have to worry about cracks and scratches messing up your bathroom.

The important thing is to bring out everything you currently have in your bathroom before starting the work. Since this material is so sturdy, the installation can last slightly more than expected. This is why you might want to consider moving out during the renovation process. Leaving the place can make it easier to work on your new bathroom.

Clawfoot tubs

The ultimate vintage bathroom is one that has a tub instead of a shower. And not just any tub - a royally impressive clawfoot tub. This bathroom element perfectly evokes the lavishness of mansions built in the Golden Age of Hollywood. As clawfoot tubs are so irresistibly elegant and chic, they have become a mainstay of historical homes.

However, as much as these tubs are alluring, they don’t fit into everyone’s bathroom. But don’t despair – even small bathrooms can look luxurious with a bit of creativity.

Vintage avocado green

This funky color was all the rage in the 1970s. Back in the day, you could spot this shade of green anywhere - from tubs and sinks to bathroom decor. With such a bold splash of color dominating the bathroom, the rest of the room can be pretty straightforward, even muted. This will allow the green to stand out.

Since this color is so uplifting and reminiscent of the hippy era, it is great for shaking things up and bringing warmth into the bathroom. In fact, this is the key reason why subtle avocado green is one of the vintage bathroom designs that are making a comeback in recent years.

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Brittany Allen is an up-and-coming content creator with a passion for interior design. Over the last 5 years, she has written for numerous online publications. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and watching old movies.

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