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Interview Transcription: Is it Necessary for Qualitative Analysis?

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Interview transcription has a number of facilities but a lot of people are still oblivious about it. The question that is often related with interview transcription: is it necessary for qualitative analysis? To understand that we first need to understand the basic facts about this service.

What is transcribing? Basically, it is a process of converting the verbal portion of the interview i.e. the questions asked by the interviewer and the answers given by the interviewee, into text format. This text, however, can be of 2 types depending on the typing medium used. First one is the Digital Text Formats, like PDF files, MS Word Documents, RTF files and even HTML output. The second type of text format is the Analog one like the Typewriter. But this format is rarely used these days.

Apart from converting the verbal part into text, another important part of interview transcription is proofreading. This is a process of going through the documents several times, checking for errors and correcting them. Errors like spelling mistakes, missing punctuation, slang language and capitalizations are rectified in this process. After this process is done the document is sent to complete the process of transcription. But this entire process requires expert skills and this is exactly what we at Transcription US can help you with. Read on as in this post, I will be telling you the various benefits of this process. Let’s get started.

Interview Transcription: Is It Necessary For Qualitative Analysis?

This service is required in various domains. Although it might seem that only interviewers require this service, in reality there are other domains also which benefit from it. These are -

News Broadcasting Agencies: With this they can backup a transcript of all the aired interviews to make them available later in their newspapers or online.

Government Agencies: Various Government agencies conduct interviews for Interrogation, Promotions, and Internal Reports and Press Releases. This service helps them a lot in conducting these interviews.

Online Video Channels: A lot of video channels need captioning services for their videos. This helps them to target a wider audience, especially those who are hard of hearing. With the transcription service they can make the interviews accessible to all.

Interview transcription: is it necessary for qualitative analysis? In fact, apart from this, it can also lend a lot of other benefits. Below I am listing a few of them for your convenience.

  • With this service text transcripts are easier to publish online, specifically to blogs, websites, forums and as RSS feeds.

  • Reading a transcript is much easier than listening to the whole interview.

  • Mp3 files may become corrupt over a period of time. Hence having a text version of the interview can be useful for backup purposes. Also, it is difficult to keep a backup of Mp3 files due to the size. However, text files can be protected from unsolicited changes.

  • Lastly, it helps in SEO as well since search engine robots can easily index and understand text. So blog or podcast owners can rank higher in search engines (SERP) for specific keywords with the transcript.

Why Choose Us?

Bloggers, media films, journalists, lawyers to law enforcers and researchers carry out a lot of interviews to retrieve information as per their requirement. Now, if you are writing for a newspaper, working on a particular project as an academician or undergoing a deposition for a company, the interview transcription can give you a lot of benefits in this matter. But since it will demand a lot of your precious time, we at are here to help you. We have a great team of experts who can provide you with the best interview transcription services for the best price.

Our services will cover a lot of aspects such as the security of information, absolutely accurate interview transcripts and top-notch quality assurance. It will also save you a lot of time and money. Plus, our representatives are always here to provide you 24/7 support. So what are you waiting for? Just visit our link today and explore all the related details of our service.


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