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How You Can Take Control of Anxiety and Live a Better Life

Anxiety is a silent killer. It can show up without you knowing, but the physical symptoms are unmistakable. These include an increased heart rate, nausea, dizziness, or shakiness. And these are just some of the signs of anxiety, as there are many more.

So, how do you combat these symptoms and take control of your anxiety? Keep reading to find out and make a difference in your life, courtesy of Xpressurway.

Identify Your Triggers

Anxiety can be brought on by many different things. It’s important to identify what triggers your feelings of anxiety and try to avoid those things as much as possible. For example, if you know that the thought of public speaking makes you feel anxious, then that should be something you try to avoid or prepare for in advance.

Or, if you know that social media causes your anxiety to increase, then it would be a good idea to limit your use of social media.

Take a Deep Breath

One of the best ways to prevent an anxiety attack is to take a deep breath. The physical symptoms of anxiety are often caused by hyperventilation which means your body is taking in too much air for the amount of oxygen you’re taking in.

Deep breathing exercises can help control your breathing and slow down your heart rate, which will help ease the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Take a few deep breaths when you feel anxious, and you’ll likely notice that it helps with your feelings of panic or agitation. This technique can be helpful when you really need to calm down in a situation, like when you receive bad news, or you’re in traffic and someone cuts you off.

Write About Your Worries

One way to help prevent anxiety attacks is to write about your worries. Writing down our worries and then coming up with a plan for the future helps us process the problem and start to work on it from a different perspective.

Talk to a Professional

Sometimes, it takes a little courage to admit that we could use a hand. But talking to a professional counselor or therapist is a great way to move forward. Also, with more and more therapists offering online appointments, as well as medication for depression available same-day, you can start out on the road to wellness from the safety and privacy of your own home!

Engage in Physical Activity

From exercising to yoga, physical activity is one of the best ways to counter the restlessness that anxiety creates. Moreover, doing something active can help you get rid of any pent-up energy that might be causing anxiety. You can find affordable home exercise equipment online, as well as any gear you need.

Find a Support System

Having a support system is another way to prevent anxiety attacks. This could be family members, friends, or even coworkers. Having someone you can talk to about your worries and problems will make it easier to process them and find solutions for them. It’s always better to have the support of others than try to do everything on your own.

Another way to look at this is to add your home to your support system by making your home environment as positive and free of self-criticism and negativity as possible. The goal is for your home to be a place where you feel supported, free from worry and doubt, so that you can adequately recharge to face whatever life throws at you.

Stress at Work

Does your job routinely cause you to suffer anxiety? If so, it might be time to go back to school to study for a new career in a field like education. You can enroll in online classes if you feel like a classroom would only serve to cause your anxiety to spike. Plus, you’ll get to work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

If you like your career but your current job is what’s causing you stress, begin the process of exploring new positions. Start networking and update your resume with your most recent experience, accomplishments, and newly learned skills. Here's a free resume builder that you can use to create an eye-catching resume that hiring managers won’t pass over. Once you select a template, you can customize the text and design and add your own images and photos.

Anxiety can be debilitating and manifest itself both physically and mentally. Use the above tips to take control of your life and live a healthier, less stressful life.

Xpressurway offers a wide variety of authentic and creative articles from experts. Please scroll to the bottom and fill out our contact form to get in touch!

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