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How Smart Devices Can Automate Your Home

Smart devices and home automation go hand in hand. The somewhat ‘myth’ that home automation is really expensive and a time-consuming task that would require some renovations around the premises is not true. With the introduction of smart home devices in the domestic market, it is now in fact quite easy to automate your home.

Here are a few smart devices and how they can automate your home for you. We’re not talking about remote control blinds, or sliding doors – rather devices that come into use on the daily. A bonus for some of these smart devices is that they save energy as well, which in the long run cuts down on the utility bills. It’s a win-win situation and is what makes the price for such devices worth it.

Smart Home Devices That Can Automate a Home

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are brilliant devices that work to save energy while making sure your home stays cozy. These thermostats connect to the home Wi-Fi network and include mobile applications from where they are accessible and can be controlled.

Having a mobile application to switch your thermostat on or off, or change the temperature settings also means having remote access to the device – so whether you’re in your home, out in the mall or even another state, your smart thermostat is accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Smart thermostats are pretty easy to install as well, so not everyone may need a professional. Click here to find out about smart thermostat installation. Save energy with these devices that turn themselves down when they notice you’re away – it uses motion detectors and in some models, phone location tracking to check whether you’re home or not.

Smart Lights

Another smart device that is great at energy efficiency. Smart lights, just like smart thermostats feature their own mobile application whereby which they can be controlled with a single touch. These apps are downloadable onto our smartphones, tablets, PCs and are even compatible with smart speakers.

Switch your smart lights on or off, dim or brighten them as you please, and set schedules for however you need them to function throughout the day – all with the designated mobile application. Now you can also have automated lighting in your home.

Smart Door Lock

Smart door lock technology isn’t quite a winner yet for many Americans while it is for some. However, its tamperproof and keyless feature makes it appealing nonetheless. Automate your door lock with a smart door lock that can be controlled from your smartphones, tablets and smart speakers if compatible.

Unlock your door with a personalized passcode or with a simple scan of your mobile device. You can even unlock the door for anybody whether you’re home and can’t come to the door, or you’re away. It’s quite impressive. You no longer have to worry about leaving your key with the neighbor, just unlock the door for them if they need to come in and water the plants.

Video Doorbell

What’s better than a standard doorbell? A video doorbell of course! Video doorbells give your home the extra security it needs while also automating the basic need of checking the door anytime the bell rings. Check who’s at the door with the help of its mobile application on your smartphone or tablet, or even speak to whoever is at the door with your voice assistant. How is that for home automation?

There’s no need for an intercom to be installed in your home, or for you to walk to the door first. Check the video feed to see who’s there. With video doorbells, much like all smart devices get alerts whenever someone is at the door – even if they haven’t rung the bell yet!

Voice Assistant

A mini device with a mighty role. Voice assistants, also referred to as ‘Smart Speakers’ can do so much, you probably never thought it possible. Other than playing music from YouTube or any of your Spotify and Apple Music playlists with their rich speakers, Voice Assistants can connect to smart devices that are compatible. Once connected, those smart devices can be controlled via voice command. Imagine saying ‘Hey Google, turn off the living room lights’ or ‘Alexa preheat the June oven to 180 degrees’. Its simple voice commands like these that can control your devices without you having to manually program them.

These devices also serve as a virtual assistant for your home. Set schedules for other smart devices, set reminders for yourselves, check for the traffic situation or any news updates. There’s a lot you can do with these amazing devices.

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Miembro desconocido
26 feb 2022

You can sync your smart door locks with your android and automate your home. Also, you can automate your garage door also by contacting a garage door repair company.

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
28 nov 2021

The best thing i have seen about these devices is that i can operate the locks through phone and by reading lock manuals one can operate the door locks without hiring a locksmith.

Me gusta
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