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How to Develop an MVP for a Doctor On Demand App

The function of a Doctor On Demand app for your customers is to give them a quick and detailed consultation with an available doctor. The idea behind this app is that the turned out to be profitable for many, but if you still want to test and validate the app, launch an MVP first. In this blog, you will understand what it is and how your Doctor On Demand app can make the most of it.


The next step in the healthcare industry is connecting doctors over video and voice calls at a certain appointment or pre-booking. People want convenience, and your app can open new doors to modern opportunities and expectations. However, before you hire a full-fledged team and close yourself with months of work, take the smart route, develop an MVP, and incorporate the feedback from your customers. Let’s understand the role of MVP in your Doctor On Demand app in detail.

What is an MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is not a new concept. It has been around for many years as part of agile and lean development methodologies. Eric Ries popularized the idea of ​​MVP in his 2011 book The Lean Startup. While it's not a mandatory step in the development process, it's a smart move because it allows companies to:

  • Validate key assumptions about the product. By testing the product idea early and with minimal resources, it can be determined whether there is a market need for it or whether it can be developed within a viable business model;

  • Reduce risks associated with launching a new product. By testing the product with real users and collecting feedback, startups can refine the product and address problems early without investing in a product that will fail.

  • Attract investors by demonstrating a viable product that has already been tested by real users in the market.

An MVP allows you to safely test the waters and navigate to success by building a healthcare product that meets users' needs. So, let’s look at what MVP development looks like in healthcare.

The Purpose of an MVP in Healthcare

It is not uncommon to see the term "beta" associated with "MVP." The goal behind making an MVP is to attract your first customer and obtain feedback accordingly. Whereas, when your app is in the beta phase, a lot of testing is still to be done to add other features as well.

The main interest of the MVP (“Minimum Viable Product”) methodology is, above all, economic. A company or startup often finances its product or service's design and development processes for months or even years before making it available and obtaining the first returns from the market. However, a carefully developed application with many features does not guarantee success.

The major principle of the MVP for a Doctor On Demand App is to validate your product concept iteratively with your users without having to develop the entire product. You thus accumulate the different feedback from your users and adapt your Doctor on Demand app accordingly.

Spinning the MVP Wheel: Five Phases of MVP Development in Doctor on Demand

Start researching

Want to help people improve access to care? Or do you want to make it easier for patients to track their vital signs and manage their chronic illnesses? Surveys, focus groups, and interviews are a great way to gather information and validate your assumptions. Competitor analysis can also provide valuable insight into your competitors' strengths and weaknesses and help you find your own niche to fill.

Prioritize the most important MVP features.

Once you have identified your target audience and their pain points, you can start defining the features your Doctor On Demand App would need to successfully meet users' needs. And the list can be quite extensive if you want your product to stand out from the crowd. However, not every feature has to be included in the MVP. In fact, the main goal of MVP is to clearly demonstrate the unique value and reasons to use the product in the first place. That's why feature prioritization is key.

Design the user interface.

For a healthcare app to be successfully adopted by users, it must be highly intuitive, pleasant to use, and easy to navigate. While all of your design decisions must be based on the actual needs of users, it is important to remember that these needs may differ for different people.

During your app's development and design phases, you can upload a landing page or videos presenting your solution to attract attention. This system will allow you to initially test your product's reception on a smaller scale.

Build and test your MVP

MVP is one of the core concepts of the agile methodology, allowing teams to move in short iterations or sprints to quickly adapt to evolving product needs and changing market conditions. Work closely with the development team to prepare user stories and acceptance criteria, and create and refine product and sprint backlogs.

When choosing an ideal tech stack for your Doctor on Demand App MVP, think long-term, as it will need to meet all future product needs, so look for a healthy combination of impeccable performance and easy scalability. And even if your MVP isn't your final product, don't skimp on quality assurance, or you could face technical issues and ultimately lose user motivation to use your product.

Repeat and improve

Once you have a working MVP, it's time to introduce it to your target audience and collect feedback. Users' comments and observations are a source of valuable insight into how you can further improve and refine your solution.

The objective is, therefore, to develop a refined version of your solution. Your app should consist of only the main and essential features. You can then submit it more quickly to your potential customers to measure adoption.


A Doctor On Demand App is a crucial business idea that can elevate your presence among notable entrepreneurs. However, due to competitive pressure and in-app design and development workflows, anything could be the reason for your overall failure. To prevent this from happening, take the help of a professional white-label firm and buy the Doctor On Demand App Script. A licensed script will launch your business with full-fledged authority, while your competitors launch MVPs.


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