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Build Bridges Through Legal Interpreting Services

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The idea that undergirds the legal system is bringing the truth to light and providing justice to those who most need it. But if the people in a legal case can’t understand each other, the legal system seizes up. That’s why it is so important to have a

Los Angeles legal interpreting service help you if you’re involved in a case where someone doesn’t speak English.

When you bring in a legal interpreter to help you in a legal case, there are several things he or she will do to move your case forward:

  • Provide an interpretation of everything the staff in the court says to your client. Nothing will be added and nothing will be left out. Your interpreter is trained to provide the most accurate translation possible, which is so important in a legal matter.

  • Interpret everything your client says in court without changing a thing or leaving anything out.

  • Explain everything that is on legal forms.

  • Translate what your client says into English on all court forms.

If you are wondering, here are things that interpreters are not allowed to do:

  • Have any personal conversations with the client. Their only contact is regarding the legal matter that needs to be interpreted.

  • Share any case facts with any other party. Legal interpreters must keep anything that they know about the case from their work confidential.

  • Take one side or the other, offer opinions about the legal issues of the case.

  • Accept money or gifts from anyone involved in the case.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using a legal interpreter for your case:

  • Ensure that the language barrier does not prevent a crime being reported: One of the key things that a legal interpreter does is ensure that there is language access so crimes are reported to be investigated. People who are afraid of deportation could be targeted because criminals know they may not ask for police protection.

  • Help in criminal investigations. When people who are in a criminal case cannot speak English, the interpreter can lower the chances of any misunderstandings as the police collect evidence. The process will happen faster so police resources are never wasted.

  • Protect the alleged criminal in court: Defendants in a criminal case have the right to grasp what the charges are against them so they can mount a defense.

Legal interpreters are vital in all kinds of criminal cases, so make sure you use one if you need it.


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