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6 Reasons the Athletic and Athleisure Industry is Booming

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Even though the concept of athleisure wear existed twenty years ago, the term did not. Now, athleisure wear continues to leave its mark as the industry is currently booming. If you don't already own athleisure wear, you're missing out on one of the best and comfiest closet staples and gym bag essentials. Plenty of people opt to wear athleisure wear all the time. To them, athleisure is a lifestyle. Consider some of the reasons why the athletic and athleisure industry is booming.

1. Comfort is Paramount

Once you get to a certain age, comfort is paramount. While it's amazing if you look cute, comfort becomes higher on the list of priorities when you're looking for items to wear. Thanks to athleisure wear, comfort comes as the main priority. Even if you're taking a midday nap, it's not comfortable to do it in jeans. However, it's a completely different experience when you're napping in a pair of comfortable joggers.

2. Size Inclusivity

Due to the global pandemic, most people spent a significant amount of time inside. With the shift in their daily activity, high levels of stress, and more lounging, pandemic weight gain occurred. This is especially true for those who opt to eat to cope with emotional stress. Even with the extra pounds, athleisure wear does an incredible job of cinching waists and providing slimming looks. While many brands stopped at XL, some of the direct-to-consumer brands range from XXS to 5XL.

3. Options

Even if you're not going to actually work out, you want to have the clothes that provide the option. It's not uncommon for a busy mother to live in yoga pants. Even if she's running around and prioritizing errands, wearing athleisure wear provides the option to go to the gym if she decides to. If she doesn't want to, she's still comfortable and looks chic. If you choose to enjoy a round of golf with friends and catch a bite to eat afterward, you'll still look presentable in the pieces you found on the golf skort clearance section of your favorite retailers. If you're managing online meetings for the day, adding a simple blazer to your favorite athleisure blouse and pants can go a long way in providing versatility and options for your look.

4. Exercise

Thanks to social media, it's easier to see how other people prioritize exercise in their everyday lives. Whether you have a gym membership or run in your neighborhood, exercise requires its own wardrobe. By investing in athleisure wear, you can kill two birds with one stone. You'll have garments you can wear when you want to run errands, hang out with friends, or lounge around the house. Those same garments can support you as you do reps at the gym or sweat it out on the elliptical machine.

5. Stylish Looks that are On Trend

It's not to feel put together without doing a ton of work. In most cases, athleisure wear doesn't need to be ironed. When you pull a pair of leggings out of the dryer, you can fold or hang them up until you're ready to wear them. If you'd like to match and mix pieces together, this isn't a task that requires a specific eye for color or fashion. The average person can pull two pieces together and still look stylish.

6. Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok give you a lot of insight and access into people's everyday lives. You're able to see celebrities in their homes and enjoy the trends of influencers. It's only natural to notice what they're wearing. In many cases, celebrities impact the culture in ways related to fashion. It's not uncommon to see celebrities and influencers wearing chic athleisure outfits on social media. It's also not uncommon for people to comment with questions about the outfits. That's how #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) became a trend. With more people wanting to know what others are wearing, athleisure wear continues to rise in trendiness. Plus, many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, and Adrienne Houghton carry their own lines of athleisure wear.

As you curate your closet, make sure you take a closer look at the athleisure wear in your closet. In most cases, it's crafted well enough to last a person for a long time. Take good care of your pieces, invest in better ones, and keep the athleisure industry booming.

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