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5 Reasons Pure Sulfur is Essential to Your Home Garden

When it comes to planting and growing beautiful flowers, vegetables, fruits, and bushes, your soil is everything. You can buy the fanciest garden tools, irrigation systems, and priciest plants, but if the soil is deficient in key nutrients, you won't get the best in plant production. Sulfur happens to be one of those magic ingredients for a healthy and bountiful home garden. Horticulturists are sharing their favorite tips on the benefits of sulfur, and how it can give you an enviable "green thumb."

What Exactly Is Sulfur?

Sulfur is found in nature. The element is present in plants, soil, foods, and water, and plants especially, need sulfur as an essential nutrient. It acts as an excellent fertilizer for crops.

Sulfur also comprises about 0.3% of the human body. It is a constituent of some proteins, and it helps maintain healthy body tissues.

1. Plant Tissue Formation

As with human beings and their body tissue, plants also require sulfur to form their unique tissue development. However, much of the sulfur found in soil is present in organic matter and therefore, not accessible to plants.

That is why purchasing pure sulfur for your home garden is one of the best tips for growing it green. It's simple to use and can be applied directly to the soil near your plants. You can also mix sulfur with other liquid fertilizers for the optimum nutrient solution.

When plants get enough sulfur, they grow properly and form chlorophyll to permit photosynthesis. Protein production and amino acids increase, and seed production is able to occur. Also, sulfur improves the starch content of tubers, promotes biological nitrogen fixation, increases crop yield, and enhances product quality.

2. Soil Acidification

Not only is sulfur a key ingredient for healthy plant growth, but it's also used as an agent that acidifies the soil.

For example, bacteria that are present in the soil can help convert sulfur to sulfuric acid that plants can utilize. When soil bacteria have used up the sulfur you've added, it's time to add more.

Some gardeners like to add sulfur to the soil in springtime before planting in a certain spot, according to soil-test recommendations. Tilling it in to a depth of six inches helps speed up the pH adjustment.

Some acid-loving vegetable plants include cucumbers, broccoli, and sweet corn.

Cranberry and blueberry bushes enjoy acidic soil along with trees such as the willow, oak, and dogwood.

Flowering bushes like azaleas and rhododendrons also prefer acidic soil.

3. Annoying Pest Repellent

Another benefit of using sulfur in the home garden is for keeping those pesky visitors away from your plants.

That's right. Sulfur is a turn-off to certain annoying pests such as chiggers, spider mites, and any other insects and even snakes from hanging about your lawn or garden plantings.

By the way, sulfur is not toxic to bees, birds, or fish.

4. Better Soil Structure

Not only does sulfur increase soil biodiversity, but it can also help to maintain an improved soil structure. Sulfur is responsible for forming aggregates. These are clumps of soil particles held together by natural substances that include mucilage, waxes, or gums. They are essential for any soil's health because they offer stability and allow water and air to penetrate more easily.

5. Beautiful Blue Hydrangeas

Here is another cool tip for those of you who adore blue hydrangea blooms in the home garden. Those big, puffy blooms are showstoppers, and blue makes them so unique and striking to any landscape.

You can change the color of pink hydrangeas to blue just by adding sulfur to the soil. It sounds impossible, but it works.

For instance, A 4.5 to 5.5 reading is the acidity level necessary to keep the blue shade flowing on your hydrangeas. Increasing soil acidity with sulfur is what turns the flowers blue.

Sulfur can be used around the bushes to color your garden.

As you can see, the element known as sulfur plays a huge role in Mother Nature and allows your favorite plants to grow healthy and colorfully. When you dream of an enchanting home garden, don't forget to add some sulfur. You'll be surprised at what it can yield!

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