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5 Items to Include in Your Employee Swag Bag

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Sometimes, you want to reward your employees by giving them some swag. Swag refers to a variety of gifts someone can enjoy, so this might be a nice present after some hard work from your various employees. Make sure you think about what swag you can add to the bag, so your employees can get some useful items while also understanding your business' appreciation for them.


Hats work well since they usually take a one size fits all approach, so you don't have to worry about ordering many sizes. People can adjust the size by using the strap on the back of the hat.

You can put your business' logo on the hat for a customized look and style. Make sure to buy hats in various colors to add some variety to your hats, or you can go with the company's colors. Either way, people can find many uses for hats when they decide to go outside.

Custom Playing Cards

If you want to give your employees something fun to use, you can give them custom playing cards with your business's logo on them. Playing cards work well since they are relatively small and can be used for many different games. This is also a strategic way to associate your business with fun, playfulness, and creativity. Customized cards are unique and they give your employees a fun and memorable way to remember your business.

Water Bottles

Everyone needs to drink water, so you may want to get your employees water bottles for their swag bags. Water bottles work great since some employees may want an easy way to drink water while at their desks. If you buy refillable water bottles, they can fill up the bottles and use them throughout the day in a convenient way.

Water bottles stand out as simple swag bag items, but they work great due to their convenience and common use. You can even put your company's logo on the water bottle as a simple way to brand it. It's one of the most common options, so people may expect a water bottle.

Tote Bag or Backpack

Employees need an easy way to carry their belongings, so you can add tote bags or backpacks to the swag bags. These items work well since your employees can store their swag in those bags, so they don't have to carry them with their hands. They can then use the tote bags or backpacks afterward to carry their other belongings once they return home.

Tote bags can't carry as much, but they have a smaller design for people who only want to carry light loads. Backpacks can carry more items, but they tend to be more bulky and difficult to carry. You can think about what your employees want and pick.


If you want to give your employees something they can use whenever they want, you can go with shirts. Shirts work well since you can print any logos on them making it easy for you to brand the shirt. If you plan to go with shirts, you need to buy them in various sizes, so your employees can exchange them for the correct sizes as needed.

You can always take this a step further by looking into other articles of clothing and incorporating them into the swag bags as an alternative. For example, if you live in a colder climate, you can go with long-sleeved shirts instead or get hoodies for your employees.

Create Your Employee Swag Bag

Identifying items for your employee swag bags gives you a chance to show your appreciation to your workers. Make sure you think about what items you can add, pick the ideal ones and give them to your employees. As you do so, you can encourage your employees to work hard, do a great job and help your business succeed and grow.

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