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Why is There a Need for Interview Transcription Services?

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Interview transcription services provide a textual rendition of audio and video interviews. The rise of these services has proven to be beneficial throughout all walks of life. Businesses, universities, health care providers, and legal personnel find a continual need for transcription services to support their most important work. Whether interviewing someone for a job, conducting a police interview, or developing and applying academic research, professional interview transcription services help save time and improve accuracy. Many professionals have turned to audio transcription services to lighten their workload and leave themselves to spend their time doing more important work. A closer look at the benefits of audio transcription shows the direct need for these services when conducting interviews.

Types of Interview Transcription Services

Audio transcription services are performed by professional transcriptionists who are trained to listen and type what they hear at a high rate of accuracy. The serve as a great way to free up time for professionals to focus on other aspects of their work that might be of greater benefit. Since the average person speaks 160 words per minute, transcribing a typical one-hour interview can take hours of your time. And, you may need to listen to the interview more than once to ensure accuracy in your transcription.

Business professionals, researchers, physicians, and medical professionals tend to have busy schedules that don’t allow them much time to meet tight deadlines. Hiring a professional transcription service is an efficient way to save time and money. Audio and video renditions of interviews are given to the professionals, and those requesting the service note any special instructions. The professional transcriptionist then listens to the audio and video, transcribes the content, and sends it back to the client in the format requested. This is a great way to catalog, find, view, and read transcriptions with ease, convenience, and efficiency.

The two most common types of transcription requests are verbatim or edited verbatim. Verbatim transcription services include words like: “um,” “uh,” slang, laughter, side conversations, and vocal pauses. These are generally used by job interviewers who want to include slang to get to know the client they are working with or the candidate they are looking to hire. Medical and legal professionals tend to choose edited verbatim transcription. Edited verbatim is written without pauses or slang. It takes slang words such as “dis,” “dat,” “wanna,” and “dunno,” and changes them to “this,” “that,” “want to,” and “don’t know.” These provide a written transcription that is free from distractions and allows faster fact finding.

Academic Interview Transcription

The most common use of academic interview transcription is found when students conduct professional thesis research. Professional and doctorate degree completion requires students to conduct academic research and present their finding through preparation of a dissertation for their professional thesis. With tight schedules, many students could use a helping hand in preparing their dissertation. Audio transcription services provide just that.

Student thesis transcription ensures top quality, accurate written documents that have a great turn around for students who are crunching time. The research and study conducted during this intense program is a great stressor for students who are fighting serious deadlines. Professional transcription services aid students in lightening the load on the road to achieving their academic goals.

Transcription Services for Market Research

Transcription services can also be a great help in national and international business arenas. They help entrepreneurs and business managers streamline administrative and operational roles for their personnel. They allow teams to collaborate on ideas about new hires and the findings of their various interviews throughout the process. Professional interview transcription services can contribute highly to the corporate structure and to the work culture.

Not only do business professionals use transcription services for evaluating applicants and tracking day to day operations, they serve as a great platform for organizing feedback and performance appraisal. Businesses can establish a database of profiles for their staff and personnel. They can use these written transcriptions as a point of reference for continued improvement or areas of work that are lacking.

Marketing firms and freelancers rely on interview transcription services to aid and support their market research. These can help companies identify winning ideas, take the guesswork out of customer ideas, and track customer feedback and trend analysis. One of the best ways to improve products and services is to record the perceptions, ideas, beliefs, and attitudes of purchasing customers. Audio transcription services can take a customer’s feedback and quickly scale up a product or service without compromising quality.

Interview Transcription Services for Health Care/Legal Professionals

Health care and legal professionals benefit tremendously from interview transcription services as well. Interviews are the most common data management strategy in research. Transcription services are a great way to analyze and interpret data. Since healthcare professionals, physicians particularly, have limited time between patients to take notes, most benefit from recording audio files of their findings. At the end of a long day, doctors, nurses, and surgeons can accumulate hours of audio files waiting to be transcribed into patient files. And, since health care professionals work with busy schedules, there isn’t much time left to transcribe these files. Interview transcription services offer a qualitative approach to organize in depth and detailed information that has been collected. This leads to better patient relations and improved accuracy in treatment.

In a similar way, legal professionals spend hours collecting information, data, and facts that need to be analyzed to present a case. The rich and comprehensive studies they conduct to find facts take up a great deal of their time. Interviewing people is an integral component in studying the cases they are working to present to find emerging insights that help them perform their job. Interview transcription services provide an accurate and easily readable version of their findings to help avoid misinterpretation.

When health care (Psychology Transcription) and legal professionals (Legal Transcription) are working with a team to share the results of their research and findings, transcription services allow them to provide a copy to everyone on the team. They have all necessary information in front of them for follow up interviewing. They can reuse the interviews for other projects or cases they are working on. And, they can easily share key points in their interview research to benefit everyone involved in the process.

No matter the profession, most people that conduct interviews have seen the advantages of interview transcription services. They serve to back up files, digitally condense information, and serve as a support in keyword research. PhD candidates, researchers, podcasters, pastors, producers, professional firms, and healthcare providers, all use audio transcription services to collate, review, and analyze data presented through the interview process. If you are looking for a faster, safer, and simpler way to reference the data you have collected, interview transcription services are there to serve you.



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