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What is the Rhinoplasty cost in Delhi

To reshape a nose by modifying the cartilage or bone with the help of surgery is called Rhinoplasty and it is commonly called a nose job. Nose job or Rhinoplasty is the most preferred type of plastic surgery and Liposuction Surgery in Delhi and also it is most common.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty

People want surgery on their nose because of many reasons like if someone has a birth defect, after an injury, or has some breathing problems or there are some people who are not happy with the appearance of their nose. The possible changes surgeon can do through rhinoplasty is a change in angle, narrowing of the nostrils, reshaping of the tip, a change in size and straightening of the bridge. But if you are not happy with the appearance of your nose and you want to make it look good with the help of surgery then make sure your nasal bone is fully grown. This also varies from girls to boys, for girls, this is about age 15 and for boys, this might take a bit longer time than girls. However, the surgery can be done at a younger age if you are getting any breathing problems through rhinoplasty.

For rhinoplasty, first, you have to consult with your surgeon that you are good of can to handle the surgery of rhinoplasty. After this, your surgeon will examine your medical history and will take your physical exam. After determining the full structure of your nose and other angles then only your surgery happens successfully.

How it is done

For a rhinoplasty surgery, there is no need to overnight stay, it is just an outpatient procedure. The surgeon gives you local anaesthesia because of anaesthesia you will not feel anything and will sleep throughout the surgery or operation. You will not feel the pain as your nose will be numbed because of local anaesthesia. Then the operation will take place and the surgeon do the surgery with full care of your nose. After the surgery, the patient needs to care for it. Although there is a nasal splint for the first week and your head should not be down for at least 24 hours and always be in an elevated way for a day. There can be a swelling And the final shape of your nose will appear after the nose will completely heal.

If you are living in Delhi then various surgeons that treat you well. They are well-reputed and have experienced for many years. In Delhi, we have askapollo, aestiva, orange tree clinic and many more. They all provide you with the best treatment for the patient. These have a skilled team under their clinic for the surgery. Not only this, they have ample facilities for the operation. They understand the complications of the patient which are related to a nose job and they also know how to handle them with proper manner and care.

There is not any fixed cost for the nose job surgery as it depends on the complexity of the surgery or what type of surgery is done by the surgeon. But the range of nose job surgery would be 50k to 2 lakh. This could be high or low also as it also depends on what type of treatment the patient gets. Furthermore, it also depends on the experienced of the surgeon if it has a few years of experience the cost can be expected low. Another factor is the patient, if the patient has some pre-medical problem or some breathing problem then also cost of the rhinoplasty surgery varies.

There are also various types of cosmetic surgeons in Delhi with well trained and well-reputed with a skilled team. The surgery can be over the face or body. For cosmetic surgery, the surgeon needs all the equipment for a successful surgery. They are experts in their field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. In Delhi, there are Dr Shilpi Bhadani, a care well medical centre, Dr P.K. Talwar and many more experts. They all first understand the patient problems or their appearance and discuss all the things or procedure with the client before the surgery take place.

In a nutshell, with the correct procedure of the rhinoplasty surgery successful, it gives a natural appearance for your face. Your nasal functions improve on a daily basis which also gives you confidence. So, book your appointment online or offline with the best surgeon in Delhi.

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