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Transcription Services in Phoenix, AZ

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Many different types of businesses use online transcription services. Medicine is one of the industries that use a professional transcription service. When it comes to legal, transcription services might be needed for highly official purposes such as depositions and hearings. There are times transcription is needed for less official purposes such as translating recorded client interviews, collated research, or recorded personal notes. College professors also utilize a transcription service as a way to document their lectures. Apart from that they might need transcription services to document meetings, dissertations, conferences, recorded interviews, and presentations.

Hence in this article, I have provided a list of online transcription services available in Phoenix, Arizona.

  1. Transcription US


  3. Transcripts, Ltd.

  4. Shalom Transcription

  5. Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C.

  6. Phoenix Deposition Services

  7. Conroy Transcription Services

  8. Cornerstone Medical Transcription

  9. STAT Transcription

  10. AZ-Accurate Transcription Service, LLC

  11. Net Transcripts

  12. eScribers

  13. CommBridge Translations

  14. Transcription 2000

  15. Aequum Legal Transcription Services

  16. Transcription Express

Transcription US

Transcription US, online transcription company provides 100% human transcription services across US and if you are located in Phoenix, Arizona you can utilize their affordable transcription services. Transcription US never uses automated software or any other machine for transcribing the audio file. The well-trained professionals listen to your audio, typewrite them and then the same will be proof-read and delivered to you. The best thing about the company is that you get most affordable transcription and translation services in a fairly quick manner.

For business clients the company offers transcription services for meetings, webinars, workshops, and seminars. For research students and professors they offer interview and focus group transcription services. And also the company caters their services to churches, universities, entertainment firms, advertising agencies, podcasters, journalists and law firms.

Price: $0.70 per minute

Turnaround Time: 3 days is the best transcription agency in Phoenix, but their reputation extends beyond the city borders, as they lead the field in Arizona and even the United States as a whole. In simple terms, their services are available to anyone, anywhere.

All over Phoenix, from the peaks of Camelback Mountain to the top of Tovrea Castle, scholars, businesspeople, and professionals with high expectations for quality come to for all their transcription needs. Using speech-recognition software is equal to settling for low quality. In the same manner no one wants to get a transcript that has error. They have vast experience transcribing focus group audio, business meetings, and content in foreign languages, so no matter your transcription needs, we can meet them. If you’re researching, studying, or lecturing at the University of Phoenix, Arizona State University, or Grand Canyon University, the company is ready to assist you to get better quality transcription. Content creators here in the Valley of the Sun may have additional needs, such as timestamps and speaker identification. is the preferred transcription service provider in Phoenix, Arizona.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

Transcripts, Ltd.

Transcripts, Ltd. has been serving business, government and individual clients throughout the United States since 1991. A Phoenix transcription company located in Arizona, USA. Transcripts, Ltd. has been meeting the needs of businesses, government entities, and individuals requiring accurate and economical transcription of interviews, hearings, medical dictation, and other audio transcription needs. Documents are properly punctuated and delivered timely. For all your government, corporate, legal, medical or individual needs, or just your overflow, their document preparation specialists are on call and on demand.

Transcripts, Ltd. produce accurate verbatim or edited transcripts and ensure proper punctuation. They have years of experience transcribing trials, interviews, recorded phone calls, criminal investigations, and medical dictation through our secure file upload page. Transcripts, Ltd. and CDE Services provide a secure, dependable, and convenient digital content delivery system that is compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and California Security Breach Notification Act regulations, ensuring the privacy of file content and delivery. Outsourcing your transcription needs to Transcripts, Ltd. allows your agency to receive transcription services at a substantially reduced cost and we provide unlimited transcription capacity and flexibility to meet your changing transcription demands. Your agency will eliminate all fixed costs, overtime, employee overhead, benefits, retirement and supervision that are related to transcription.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

Shalom Transcription

The nature of business is changing rapidly in the modern world. Local business cannot remain in the same way, as it was in the previous century. By establishing overseas relationships, business is reaching greater heights. Current technology and support makes business transactions more streamlined and seamless. Business transcription service is one such support that has proved to be extremely beneficial for business owners around the world.

Shalom Transcription is an exceptional breed of transcription service provider offers business and academic transcription services from 2015. Whether you are a business owner or academician, they have the solution for you. Shalom Transcription caters transcription and translation services at cost-effect price in the industry.

Price: $0.80 per minute

Turnaround Time: 3 days

Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C.

Arizona Legal Document Services has provided Paralegal Services to the valley since 2008 while maintaining an A+ Rating with the BBB. Kellie DiCarlo established Arizona Legal Document Services in 2008 after working with attorneys and law firms for fifteen years. She has over twenty-five years legal experience. Kellie continues to work and network with attorneys. Arizona Legal Document Services is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court #81074 to provide legal document preparation for individuals not represented by counsel. Although they cannot provide you legal advice, they can provide you legal factual information in accordance with the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration §7-208. Their paralegals specialize in specific areas. This is important because they narrow our focus in these areas by concentrating a great deal of time and energy. They exclusively limit to areas of specialization through continuing legal education and daily experience. Their professionals properly prepare legal documents to your specifications and in accordance with all applicable statutes and Arizona Court Rules. If you need legal advice, they refer to experienced attorneys that provide free consultations. A Paralegal may not work on their own as a legal document preparer unless he or she is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C. offers transcription services at a competitive rate and produces an exceptional, high-quality transcript. Each transcript is given personal attention and produced by a certified transcriber with legal experience and knowledge. Every transcript is audio-proofed and visually proofed again to ensure accuracy.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

Phoenix Deposition Services

Phoenix Deposition Services is a full-service court reporting firm devoted to the legal community for more than 40 years. Phoenix Deposition Services has earned a solid reputation for our outstanding work and commitment to excellence, as your leading certified court reporters in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix Deposition Services also earned an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau for our high standards of ethics in business. The owner of Phoenix Deposition Services has 41 years of experience and our court reporters are dedicated guardians of the record. Their level of professionalism and ethical practices are only surpassed by our relentless hard work and the precision used in producing immaculate transcripts for our clients.

Using the latest innovations in technology for court reporters in Phoenix, they are able to offer a wide variety of litigation support services for legal professionals. They offer video conferencing, which allows our clients to regain the time and expense previously associated with the need for travel. It also gives the added convenience to attend or even host a deposition from any of your mobile devices, from anywhere in the world.

Phoenix Deposition Services spent many years cultivating strong professional relationships within the legal community. Phoenix Deposition Services takes great pride in our exemplary customer care and will continue to look for ways to better serve their clients.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

Conroy Transcription Services

Conroy Transcription Services provides virtual scribing, transcription and captioning services. Conroy Transcription Services is committed to providing quality transcription and captioning services at affordable prices to clients nationwide. They serve general business, medical, law enforcement, legal, education and government sectors. Conroy Transcription Services is a Woman-Owned Small Business. And their transcriptionists are well trained and they provide ongoing training for our scribes and transcriptionists. So you can expect great quality scripts for all your projects. They provide FAST turnaround to meet your deadlines. They are committed to saving you time and money while maintaining high quality medical records.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

Cornerstone Medical Transcription

Cornerstone Medical Transcription, a medical transcription company offers their services not only specialty medical transcription but also to legal, medicolegal, academic, corporate and media sectors.

Cornerstone Medical Transcription, LLC has provided professional transcription services for over three decades. Whether you are a busy physician in need of HIPAA-compliant medical transcription, a medical device company conducting market research, or a police department in need of law enforcement interrogation transcription, they do it all with the ease and professionalism that comes only from years of experience.

What makes Cornerstone Medical Transcription approach to transcription unique is that they customize the service to your individual needs and specifications. As a Cornerstone client, you will experience professional, friendly customer service, and enjoy superior features and benefits:

  • · 24/7 digital dictation service access that accommodates your busy schedule.

  • · 99.9% accuracy rate ensures the quality and consistency of your transcriptions.

  • · Fast turnaround to meet your timeframe and keep up with your needs.

  • · Competitive pricing designed to save you money, time and resources.

  • · No signup fee or contract commitments.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

STAT Transcription

Founded in 2000 by Kamal Irani, STAT Transcription offers a full range of medical transcription services, interface to EMR, and a complete suite of business transcription services. While they have continued to grow, our focus has always been to provide one on one customer service. The firm is very proud of the fact that most of their business has grown through extremely satisfied return clients and personal referrals from their customers.

STAT skilled transcriptionists are proficient at handling advanced technologies that allow to process cost-effective, accurate transcriptions and maintain quick turnaround times. They also have a dedicated quality assurance team that will check and edit the completed transcript to ensure highest possible quality output before delivery.

STAT is HIPAA compliant, maintaining client security and confidentiality. When it comes to transcription services, STAT Transcription is the one whom you can trust.

The STAT Advantage

  • · Customer Service committed to excellence

  • · FREE Trial - no strings attached

  • · Measurable Cost Savings

  • · Quality Assurance Team

  • · Flexible turnaround times

  • · No contracts to sign

  • · 24/7 Support

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

AZ-Accurate Transcription Service, LLC

AZ-Accurate Transcription Service, LLC, has an unparalleled reputation providing unbiased legal transcription of audio and video recordings. Their commitment to producing a verbatim certified record ensures you will receive the product you need in a timely, professional, and confidential manner. All work is listened to at least twice, followed by a thorough proofreading provided at no additional cost.

While the primary focus is transcription, they also provide services in many other areas, including professional audio and video recording staff and equipment, proofreading, scope court reporter’s transcripts. All transcriptionists are certified by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers. AZ-Accurate Transcription Service has been working in the field of court reporting and transcribing for over 20 years.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

Net Transcripts

In business since 1988, Net Transcripts has grown to be the leading provider of confidential transcription services to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies nationwide. It is their goal to save your agency a significant amount of money, time and personnel resources by providing a gradual transition to outsourcing transcription that is non-disruptive to current staffing and office procedures.

All transcripts are processed by highly skilled transcriptionists, production and quality control personnel. All transcripts are produced in the United States -- not offshore. The safe transfer of your recordings to the company for transcription and the return of your completed transcripts is accommodated via proprietary and encrypted Web-based Order Center. You may also dictate your report narratives directly to them using their toll-free Dial-In Dictation Service or their proprietary mobile app.

Net Transcripts service is fast, accurate and completely secure. It is also very cost efficient and as easy to use as the click of a mouse. Your office or department will save time, money and personnel resources. Net Transcripts has set the standard for quality, turnaround and affordability. No one processes more Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement transcription nationwide than Net Transcripts.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --


Established in 2005 by court reporting professionals, eScribers has grown to become the leader in reporting and transcription services for courts and government agencies. eScribers is the only company to hold exclusive statewide court reporting and transcription service contracts in the U.S. eScribers serve clients across a broad range of needs and time zones, offering court reporting services and accurate, easy-to-access transcripts at short turnaround times and competitive pricing. All this is achieved through their proprietary, technology-enabled end-to-end system and their wide network of experienced reporters, transcribers, and proofreaders.

eScribers streamline customers’ back-office operations and guarantee the highest quality transcript on time, every time.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

CommBridge Translations

CommBridge Translations is a translation and interpretation company with offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Saint Augustine, Florida. CommBridge offers translation and interpretation services into over 50 languages. They also offer transcription, subtitling, editing and proofreading, and cultural consulting services. They specialize in the translation of business websites, marketing materials, books, legal and medical documents.

CommBridge is owned and operated by an actual professional translator who holds two bachelor degrees in translation and interpretation and is a certified medical, legal, and conference interpreter. In addition, every member of their staff of professional linguists has similar qualifications.

Whether you are thinking about going into a new market by having your website or marketing materials translated into Spanish or any other language, you need a birth or marriage certificate translated, or need an interpreter for your next event, we will take the time to learn about your specific needs, CommBridge will offer you the best rates in the valley, and will always meet your deadlines.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

Transcription 2000

Founded 1998. Arizona Corporation since 2015. The mission is to provide clients in diverse fields with the highest quality and most accurate, professional and secure transcription services available.

It all started with a vision: Rita Bartlett Hooper, Founder and CEO, believed there had to be a better way to provide superior transcription service using the latest technology operated by the most qualified transcriptionists. After doing a stint in Houston, Texas, working with court reporters specializing in executive level transcription, Ms. Hooper and her partner were the first to successfully introduce live real-time transcription in the Los Angeles Federal and Superior Court systems in the late 1980s. From there, she launched Transcription 2000 Services in 1998... and the rest, as they say, is history.

Transcription 2000 Services passes with shining colors for your online transcription service choice for digital audio, Zoom meetings, video meetings, recorded audio, live online audio. Transcription 2000 offers a dedication to transcription services quality and speed, the ability to handle your digital audio files, and unparalleled customer service for transcription.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

Aequum Legal Transcription Services

Aequum Legal Transcription Services offers civil, criminal and federal court proceedings transcription services. When you hire Aequum Legal Transcription Services you do not need to worry about the accuracy as the documents are proof-read before submitting to the client.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

Transcription Express

Transcription Express, a VIQ Solutions Company, has spent the last 22 years delivering fast, accurate, and secure digital transcription services to well-known Fortune 500 companies in all 49 states. Thanks to the team of tech-savvy, US-based transcriptionists, they have an outstanding reputation for delivering consistent, measured results to clients with large workloads and precise expectations.

Transcription Express, know for insurance, government and legal transcription services. From car accidents, to homeowners claims, to natural disasters, and more, they work with claims adjusters, agents, and other insurance professionals at insurance companies of all sizes.

Skilled and detailed transcription team works to accurately process the recorded statements of claimants, witnesses, and other involved parties. Their comprehensive, multi-level, quality control review process, coupled with our team of experienced transcriptionists, results in error-free documents returned to you. Additionally, the company can assist in handling your tedious data entry, such as entering dictated and hand-written contents into your template, spreadsheet, or Xactimate.

Price: Contact seller

Turnaround Time: --

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