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Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine shot - Reactions from real people


12 hours after the first shot, which for me was in the middle of the night. I was pretty sick, though, chills and everything for two days, but now I feel great and my leftover Covid symptoms are gone (fatigue, loss of taste and smell.) Waiting for April 13!

Eunice Dowd

I had Pfizer also. Arm barely sore on first (I credit the kind pharmacist who gave it). No side effects. On 2nd, no reaction first day, but next day had low grade fever, aches, fatigue. Took 4 hr Tylenol, rested, slept. Next day just fine!


I got my first Pfizer yesterday. I felt nauseous all afternoon and evening, my head was a little spacey, and after a few hours my arm hurt. This morning it’s just the arm. No biggie.


Mine took 2 days, nausea/vomiting with dizziness, lasted 2 days. Hubby's started about 6 hours after his shot, chills and body aches, lasted about 12 hours. Second shot this Friday, will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens this time. Either way, we'll be good to go!


Mine was more after second - that night I was extremely tired, dull headache and the next day I was achy at the injection site. Then normal that evening. Good luck! It’s worth it!


Got my 2nd today. About 5 hours later. I felt a bit tired, sore arm started. 8 hours in. Ate too much for dinner. Still a bit tired and arms is sore, so far so good. After my first, just a sore arm for 24ish hours.


I got my first dose at 6 pm woke me up around 4 am feeling very sore arm and blah in general. My 2nd dose I had sore arm but more foggy head, nausea, headache, and just didn’t feel right for like 2 days.

James Cole

That night. Soreness in the vaccination spot. Mine woke me up every time I rolled over during the night. Will last 36 hours. If you’re not allergic, 2 Extra Strength Tylenol every 6 hrs. will resolve this. 2nd shot took the Tylenol this time before bed. Very tired for 36 hrs.

Hollie Rood

I felt fine until I woke up the next day. Fever, chills, aches, GI issues, soreness at injection point. Woke up next day after that and felt fantastic. Getting my second shot this coming Thursday. Very excited. Best wishes.

Lauren May

I felt nothing, nothing, nothing for 8 hours after the first Pfizer shots then BAM! Suddenly very tired, achy with chills, and a sore arm. Slept fitfully but improved steadily over the next day. Did manage to get a breakfast in bed out of it.


With the first dose I felt exhausted a couple hours later. I had a small headache and slightly nauseous after the second dose.


1st shot, 0 side effects, had to press arm firmly at injection site to register a 2 on pain scale! Second shot is the one which elicited a few reactions. I had a mild headache, small increase in temp baseline, extreme fatigue, - all only for 1 day. Arm pain for 5 days at least.


I got my second Pfizer yesterday at noon. Feeling quite achy and tired today. Also some random nerve pain in one hand- comes and goes. Mostly just feeling grateful though.

Leslie Kleinberg

I had practically nothing with both. I'd even cleared my schedule, put clean sheets on the bed and prepared everyone for my total disinterest in their needs for 24 hours. I should have just pretended...

Paula Elliott

First shot just tired and arm pain, second shot 24 hours after got chills, muscle and joint pain, no fever just tired for 24 hours. Not extremely bad just achey and tired. Hopefully you will be one who doesn’t get any effects. Fingers crossed

Charlie Kruse

The next day after the second shot I developed a severe rash that covered my entire torso and went down to my knees itching so bad I couldn't sleep .it lasted for about 3 weeks .


Yikes!!! I’m so sorry you went through that. I am still going to get the shot, here in Canada.

Charles Lange

Had Pfizer. Had no real side effects for either 1st or 2nd shot. 1sst shot I had a very slight soreness in the upper shoulder for a 24-hr period starting the next day. Was so asymptomatic after the 2nd shot that the wife and I are both joking that I was just shot with water.


Within a couple of hours. I had severe fatigue for almost a week. Everyone said the second one was worse, so I was pretty nervous & I got nothing. From what I've read/heard, everyone's seems very individual, like you couldn't make any predictions from your neighbor's experience.


First jab sore arm approx 6 hours after and itched all over my body about the same time. This may have been a reaction to the jab but I had just recovered from Covid. The second shot just a sore arm I had the second jab a few weeks ago.


My first vaccine from Pfizer left me with a sore arm. The second vaccine - nothing. However both my adult kids felt aches, pains, and a slight fever. My daughter felt nauseous. I’ve heard that people 40 and other feel the side effects more. Each vaccination is a victory!


My husband just got his 2nd Pfizer shot last Friday. He didn't have any side effects from either shot, other than the requisite sore arm you get with any vaccine.

Tom Casey

The first one I had no side effects the second one I had slight headache fatigue but was gone the next day but that's common with a lot of people that means it's working according to the doctor way to go I'll join you and say I got the shot.

T Squared

Sore arm for a day, a faint beeping at the injection site that moved to behind my left ear, and a desire to buy Microsoft product. Oh, I get Hulu for free in my head now.


Finally, I was looking for some odd ones. I had my first dose of Pfizer. Sure, an achy arm, but developed a weird quarter sized bruise on my wrist on my injection arm that felt like an oven burn. It was really strange & it just magically disappeared by morning. Nothing else.

Robin Nic

Everyone in my family has reacted differently. Son is 46 and has had COVID. 1st shot flu symptoms, fever headache and achy. Niece 34 severe chills and shakes, headache & nausea both shots. They both had the Moderna vaccine. My husband and I had our 1st Pfizer vaccine. Sore arms.


Got mine Sunday and my arm is the only issue.. Hurts like a sob.

M J Cannon

I never get a sore arm from the flu shot. But Pfizer was intense, especially the second one. Like someone punched me really hard.


I got my first Pfizer vaccine on Friday. About 7 or 8 hours after my arm started getting sore. That lasted into the next morning, then faded by the afternoon. Nothing aside from that. Next one is in 3 weeks. Hopefully nothing after that either. Good luck!

Jon Robles

My first Pfizer shot had fatigue, a dull headache and a low grade fever. The fever and headache lasted a few hours. The fatigue was until the next morning. I have my second shot tomorrow!

Greg Frary

About 12 hours later. 101+ fever for probably 18 hrs and the 100+ for another 12.

Andrew Rei

Same side effect both times (also Pfizer): soreness around the injection site. After the first one, the soreness lasted two days. After the second one, just two hours. The soreness was immediate both times.

Robb Fire

Pfizer first dose: I was fine until the 3rd day when I was knocked the hell out with “flu-like symptoms.” Next day, woozy in the morning but ready to party that night. Dose two: just a bit groggy the afternoon of, but absolutely fine after that. Oh yes then Bill Gates called.


First shot was just a sore arm for a few days. 2nd Pfizer was sore arm and fever for a few days. Others get no side effects, so ymmv. Keep Tylenol ready for the 2nd shot. Don’t take it before your shot though.

Clyde Rokke

Fatigue and muscle soreness only lasted 24 hrs. I didn't take anything although tylenol was said to be OK AFTER, not before the shot. Do not take advil or other NSAIDs, there is evidence this depresses your immunological response to the vaccine.

Shannon Edwards

I had no effects after the first shot. The second shot was intense headache, muscle & joint pain, fatigue and seeing Disney’s Frozen playing on a loop in my new frontal cortex for 3 1/2 hours.

Susan Murphy

Soreness in the arm within a few hours and tiredness the next day but within 2 days you should be back to normal.


I’m in my 70’s. Didn’t have any reaction from 1st shot but was sick for 2 days with second shot. Felt like a light case of the flu. Low grade fever, headache, chills and slept almost a whole day. After that nothing, just fine.


Got my first shot a little over 24 hours ago and so far not even as much as a sore arm. Today I did feel a bit tired and irritable at work but then I work with a bunch of MAGA’s and mansplainers so this was just a typical day for me.


Got my 1st shot at noon, no side effects til next day-- exhausted and loss of appetite (and I'm a big eater). Arm slightly sore, but I swam the day after the shot, which I think helped with the soreness. Still tired day 2, then everything back to normal.

John Painter

I had J&J and am under 60, so in the age range that can have have an effect. Upper body, muscles, felt like I’d had a bad cold with a lot of coughing muscle soreness. But of course I didn’t. It was the next day and gone the day after that.


I had side effects almost immediately. Like a flush feeling through my whole body. Later I developed a headache, queasiness, and fatigue. Lasted for like 3 days for me. On just the first shot. Kinda nervous about the second!


The next day. I felt like I've been hit by a truck but only for about 24 hours. Strangely enough I didn't have any side effects with my second dose. It's very individual. However whatever side effects you do have will be short-lived and much less aggressive than covid-19.


I have both Pfizer vaccinations. Your arm may get a little sore tomorrow because it’s an intramuscular shot. My reactions were all around 24 hours in; nothing major, just a headache and sore arm. The 2nd shot caused a blood pressure drop, headache, nausea.


My side effects were really mostly sore arm and slight headache / fatigue. Sore arm happened right away and lasted about 24 hours. Headache and fatigue started after about 3 hours and ended about the time my wife stopped feeling sorry for me and taking care of me.

Lois Elaine

First shot I was tired about 2 hours after. I lounged on the couch for about an hour. Second shot nothing. I had fully planned on taking the day off after the second shot but didn't work out that way. Both times I had a metallic taste in my mouth that lasted about 15 minutes

Steven Edward

I did not get side effects with the first Pfizer shot other than a sore arm. With the second, I got chills, fever, headache and fatigue. It came on about twelve hours after the shot and lasted about fifteen hours. I slept through most of it.


Pfizer dose one, very sore arm but she hit the muscle low. Second shot much less arm soreness but insane chills for 6 hours in bed 14 hours after shot and then again fever dreams and slight chills in bed 38-45 hours post shot.


The first shot of the Pfizer I had no side effects. The second I had a headache and a slightly sore arm the next day. It was a weird feeling, like I had taken sinus meds, a little spacey. Some I know experienced diarrhea the next day.


I just had a sore arm a couple hours after the first dose that lasted about a day and a half. 24 hours after second dose I was freezing, vaguely achy, and tired. I fell asleep around 8 pm and woke up fine the next day.


My arm hurt immediately after the second shot. I started feeling fatigued a few hours later. I felt tired for 48 hours. I had a headache, nausea, and swollen lymph nodes. Fortunately these all did not appear at the same time. I cycled through them. So glad to be vaccinated.


Nothing with the first shot. If you feel a little soreness, at the injection spot, put a warm compress on it, it'll help. Very tired the day after 2nd shot. Took advantage of that and slept, almost all day. Next day, was good as new!

Sylvia Livingston

No noticeable side effects after first dose. About 12 hrs after second dose side effects included fever (103), headache, fatigue, joint aches. Got injections in dominant arm both times and there was no rash or specific soreness. Side effects subsided about 24 hrs after onset.

Joanne Fanizza

Almost right away on the first shot. Very sore arm. Slight fatigue later that night. On second shot, it took a little longer for sore arm to start, but on both shots, it lasted 2 days. Second shot, slight fatigue, fell asleep on the couch. That was it.


Had first shot (Pfizer) 3/13/21 started having full blown Covid 19 symptoms 10 days later, have had chills, fever, body ache, headache....from 23 March. Had a Covid test today to see if I am having side effects or actually have the virus. Next shot scheduled for April 10.


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