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In-Demand IT Skills Needed for a Successful Career in Tech

Certain skills are required to have a successful career in technology. These are skills that hiring managers or recruiters are looking for in candidates to ensure they choose employees who can get the job done with little supervision while producing excellent results.

These skills are not limited to those taught in school, but also include soft skills that you need to hone and technical skills that can be learned through hard work and training. This is why we have compiled a list of important skills that will help you start a tech career and get recruited by top companies in the industry.

Hard Skills

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer to carry out human tasks and actions. With AI skills, you can work as a machine engineer, data scientist, robotic scientist, or research scientist. Many of these are known to be high-paying roles that come with good benefits. For example, according to PayScale, a data scientist makes an average salary of $97,658.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing uses Internet network remote servers to store data instead of buying physical data servers and centers. It allows you to deliver computing services like data storage, software, and analytics.


Computer programming is the process of setting instructions for a computer to carry out. Various programming languages are required by employers today, including Java, R, HTML, C++, and Python. According to the TIOBE Index, Python is the most popular programming language among software developers, as of August 2022.

Cyber Security

Cyber security involves the protection of computer systems and networks from cyber threats. With effective cyber security techniques, you can protect your software, hardware, and data from malicious attacks.

Data Analytics

Data analytics involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to get meaningful information, draw conclusions, and make well-informed decisions. Companies rely on data analytics to better understand their customers, design new products, and strategize new pathways to increase revenue.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet or other digital channels to promote products and services and connect with customers or potential customers.

Software Development

Software development is the process of building, designing, testing, and maintaining software programs using a variety of programming languages. With software development, you can create software for mobile and desktop use.

Web Development

Web development involves the creation, testing, installation, and maintenance of websites or web apps on the Internet for individuals and organizations. Web development includes web design, publishing, programming, and database management.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the process of examining massive data sets that cannot be processed using traditional data analytics methods. The process can be used to gather information and reach insightful information.

Soft Skills

Analytical Skills

As a tech professional, you’re expected to be able to find issues and provide logical solutions to problems as quickly as possible. You should be able to make decisions fast and on your feet when you encounter problems or bugs that need fixing.

Project Management

In the tech field, you should be able to work as part of a team and on your own. This requires you to have strong project management skills to handle big and small projects individually and as a group. Communication skills also come into play when you need to communicate objectives with people who are less experienced with technical terms.


Solving problems is one of the essential aspects of IT. As a professional, you should be able to provide solutions to issues as quickly as possible and make lives easy for others. Creative problem-solving will help you prevent issues from occurring, and find new solutions that haven't been attempted before.

How To Build and Hone Your Tech Skills

You can enroll in a coding bootcamp, MOOC, or get a college degree to develop or polish your hard and soft tech skills. While a bachelor’s degree is always a great stepping-stone to a successful career, it isn’t your only option.

Coding bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular, as they take less time to complete and provide extensive career services to graduates. Some of the best coding bootcamps are General Assembly, App Academy, Thinkful, and Flatiron, among others.


Before succeeding in any field, you must learn and build in-demand skills. While the tech skills are more obvious if you have your mind set on entering this sector, building your soft skills is equally as important as these are skills that recruiting managers would be looking out for in the interview stage.

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