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Corporate Transcription - Here’s All You Need To Know

For a business to function smoothly, professional corporate transcription is integral. You probably have video and audio recordings from a number of business interactions like conferences, meetings, presentations, workshops and more, for which you need to create and maintain textual transcripts.

If you are not on top of your business transcription game, now is the time to think about it. See how you can integrate it into your business dealings seamlessly.

Corporate Transcription Services - Why Do You Need It?

These days, almost all companies need to have detailed mandatory records of business transcriptions to safeguard themselves from lawsuits and disputes that may happen in the future. But, there’s more to business transcription than avoiding indictments and charges.

Choosing the right business transcription company to partner with has its own set of inherent benefits that can help your business grow and scale:

  • Fluent, coherent and professional transcripts maintain and record crucial business details meaning you need not struggle to remember what was said in a certain meeting or event. Plus, you can save yourself from debating over inconsequential details.

  • Maintenance of accurate documents, reports and letters that can be sent to your shareholders, clients and customers.

  • Benefit from the adaptability of repurposing existing digital documents and content like dictations, webinars and podcasts into physical books, eBooks and courses.

  • Get the necessary information, flexibility, fluidity and time to give your content strategy a makeover for better SEO and product creation.

Why Outsource Your Corporate Transcription?


It is highly cost effective for businesses to outsource their transcription requirements to a third party. It means you can do away with training your staff in-house to transcribe important business documents and content, not to mention, you don’t have to hire another employee for the job.

Expertise and Specialisation

Outsourcing your corporate transcription will allow you to take advantage of the proficiency that transcribers bring to the table with regards to different subject matters and industries. This means, you are guaranteed to receive quality transcriptions that are highly accurate and precise.


Converting audio and video files into text-based content is not easy, meaning it can take quite a bit of time to get the job done. By outsourcing your business’ transcription to a specialist, you can free up your employee’s time and use their skills elsewhere as transcription experts take care of the job at hand.

Qualified Professionals

Transcription service providers have business transcribers on board who are highly qualified in their specific industries. They are highly accomplished in dealing with a range of accents and pronunciations, meaning there’s no room for mediocrity.

Additionally, these professionals are expert at processing and converting various video and audio files in different formats as per your requirements.

Focused Project Management

Professional transcription service providers have skilled teams ready to deal with different projects; meaning they have dedicated project managers to spearhead a particular campaign. That said, you need not burden yourself or your employees to manage the extra work.

Hire a transcription team that’s focused, professional, and can submit projects in a timely manner without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the data, irrespective of the volume.

Why Partner With a Professional Transcription Services Company?

While your company secretary or personal assistant can formulate business transcripts in-house, there’s no way they can match up to the accuracy, efficiency, speed and eye for detail of a trained and qualified transcriber.

While cost-effectiveness, speed and accuracy are the primary benefits of partnering with a transcription service, you also get to choose from multiple hiring options to avail different services.

You can work with such professionals on a contractual or part-time basis that will further add to your cost-effectiveness. Here are more reasons why organisations partner with professional corporate transcription companies:

  • Work with trained business transcription specialists who can attain high levels of accuracy and precision

  • Quick turnaround time with round the clock professional services that allow you to meet with tight deadlines

  • Custom and bespoke services that are in full compliance with all the legal requirements of your industry, profession and by extension, your country

  • Flexible pricing models that help eliminate additional overhead costs

  • Capacity and potential to deal with a wide range of input file formats like MP3, analog and WAV to produce outputs in formats that you specify, for example, .TXT, .DOCX, PDF files and more!

Finding a Professional Transcription Agency - Here’s How!

When looking for a transcription agency for your business, take into account the add-on services you can start benefiting from. Look for recommendations from other businesses and people in your industry and get in touch with companies who have stellar online reviews.

As is the case with nearly every industry, the costs and quality of the service may vary. This is why it's important to set your expectations straight right off the bat. Lean on personal recommendations and assessments to be sure of the quality of the service. Ask for quotes to compare prices of several different transcription services companies.

While you can avail transcription services through freelancing sites, the quality you’ll receive from a dedicated company like Alphabet Secretarial is unmatched. Pay special attention to the reviews and portfolio of a company before you seal the deal and make things official.

Author Bio: Uzma Shaikh is a self-proclaimed bookworm and the Head of Content at Alphabet Secretarial. A big advocate of all things nature, she loves to delve deep into the inner workings of business and marketing. On most days, you’ll find her curled up with a book and a hot cup of tea!

Click here to follow her on Twitter!

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