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Can a Person Consume Alcohol before and after Surgery?

Hair Transplant in India offers a life-changing solution for men and women looking to get rid of hair loss and baldness. As it is a permanent procedure, you will naturally want to make sure that you get the best hair transplant in India.

To encourage better and faster healing, you will need to follow the pre- and post-op care instructions carefully, which also includes avoiding consuming alcohol. This post explains how alcohol consumption affects your hair transplant and recovery process.

Can I drink alcohol before a Hair Transplant in India?

The hair transplant cost in India is slightly higher if you’re opting for a reputed clinic for quality results. To make your process smoother and recovery faster, you should stop drinking alcohol at least two weeks before your surgery.

This gives your body time to flush out the alcohol from the system and bring your blood pressure to its regular levels. Moreover, alcohol is known to cause blood thinning, which impacts the blood’s ability to clot. If your blood is thinner, you are more likely to bleed excessively during the surgery.

Can I drink alcohol after my Hair Transplant in India?

According to Best Hair Transplant Clinic, Consuming any alcoholic beverage can seriously threaten the success of your transplant. Refrain from drinking alcohol at least for a few weeks after your surgery. As a blood thinner, alcohol can lead to bleeding on your scalp after your hair transplant. Alcohol will also interfere with the medications, reducing their effects.

It can dehydrate the body, which impedes the growth of transplanted hair. Alcohol also decreases the supply of blood. Since hair follicles rely on blood for nutrition, they may die and fall out due to a lack of sufficient blood flow. That is why it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol after your procedure.


Though hair transplant in India is safe, it still requires serious care. To improve your chances of success, you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages before and after surgery. Make sure you choose a reliable hair transplant clinic for your procedure.

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