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Blog Writing Services To Get Awesome Content

Most of the small business and corporate companies are searching for a best blog writing service to make their presence online. You may be one among them who is looking out for the best blog writing service. Though there are plenty of companies who offer blog writing service, we analyzed and provide you 15 companies you can trust in 2021.

In the modern world every company wants to promote their brand on internet. There are many ways the business can promote their brand. However, no one can ignore the traffic from Google and social media channels. To be on the top of Google and other search engines content distribution plays a vital role. To produce and distribute quality content you require the service of blog writing service providers.

Blogging is not an SEO silver bullet.

But it is important.

We are providing you with the best content writing companies on the planet, based on feedback and our own research and testing.

So what are the best blog writing agencies?

1. Blog Hands

Blog Hands is lead by Chris Hornak, a digital marketing expert with over a decade of experience. It’s his experience in digital marketing where he first witnessed one of the biggest challenges in modern content marketing – scaling quality content.

Hiring an in-house copywriter is expensive, but typically yields the highest quality writing. Outsourcing to writing agencies, on the other hand, scales like crazy, but almost always has major quality control issues. Chris Hornak created a service that solves the “scale-quality” problem by offering a simple way for businesses and agencies to consistently receive high quality content.

In the company’s own words “Blog Hands was designed to provide you with the quality of work of an in-house writer at the cost and flexibility of outsourcing.”

Blog Hands pricing is elegantly simple: $0.10/word. Or $60 for a 600 word blog post.

Learn more about Blog Hands:

2. Blog Supply Co.

Blog Supply Co. was created when the founders of a small business couldn’t find a blog writing service that was both quality and budget-friendly. So what did they decide to do?

Start their own content writing agency! And they’ve been doing it since 2010.

Now, with over 10 years of blog writing expertise and a handpicked team of hundreds of writers, Blog Supply Co. is one of the leading content writing agencies. They optimize all content for SEO and all of their writers are based in the U.S.

They are so confident in the quality of their service that they are one of the few blog writing companies that offer a money-back guarantee.

The Blog Supply Co’s pricing is very simple:

Two Blogs/Month – $99

Four Blogs/Month – $179

Eight Blogs/Month – $349

Each article contains 800+ words.

Learn more about Blog Supply Co. at:

3. Content Cucumber

Following the “unlimited business services” model pioneered by companies such as Design Pickle, Content Cucumber allows clients to request an unlimited number of blog posts, emails, newsletters, and other written media for a flat monthly fee. By charging a fixed price for an unlimited number of written materials, clients can avoid hiring freelance blog writers to produce their content.

Clients are paired up with one of Content Cucumber’s writers who produce content, discuss any revisions, and suggest possible topics. All clients have to do is submit a request describing the topic and the desired word length, at which point your writer receives the request and begins working. The turnaround time for articles is 1 day for every 400 words, meaning shorter articles take about one business day, while longer ones take closer to a week

Although Content Cucumber specializes in writing blog posts, newsletters, and other longform web copies or emails, they can also produce product descriptions for Amazon listings. If clients have questions about a project that doesn’t lie within those boundaries, they can consult with their writer on the best approach. Agencies can request projects on behalf of their clients, and users can utilize Content Cucumber for as many brands as they would like.

For all of these services, clients pay $490 a month with a 14-day money back guarantee. By using Content Cucumber instead of hiring freelance writers, businesses can save thousands of dollars a month for an unlimited number of content requests and revisions. To get the full value of Content Cucumber’s services, however, users will have to request a relatively heavy workload. Although requesting articles with higher word counts are considered a bargain, they do have longer turnaround times. It’s also worth noting that while each of their writers are SEO trained, clients have to make SEO recommendations themselves.

Learn more about Content Cucumber at:

4. Content Flip

Content Flip offers quality blog writing services for only $279/month. Their hand-picked team of experienced writers are all based in the U.S. and are experts in a wide variety of niches. Their service essentially grants you access to a full-time writer for a fraction of the cost.

Content Flip also offers a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your first article, they will fully refund your purchase. NO hidden fees and NO contracts.

Simply submit a topic through their internal dashboard, and the writers get started. Once they finish one article, they immediately start with the next.

Due to the simplicity of their model and the quality of their writers, Content Flip has been chosen as the clear leader for the best content writing service of 2019.

Learn more about Content Flip at:

5. Content Runner

According to the Content Runner website, in early in 2013, the founders were having trouble managing writer relationships using emails and spreadsheets and they thought “why not build something to make the pain go away?”

From those early conversations the founding team came up with the concept of Content Runner for the purpose of creating topics, assigning tasks to writers, editing and publishing content, paying writers, collecting W-9’s, using Copyscape and doing status tracking.

Content Runner has a unique fee system. As a client of Content Runner, you set the blog post fee with the writer, and Content Runner takes a sliding percentage fee that starts at 15%. This is a more transparent system than most crowd source blog writing services.

Learn more about Content Runner at:

6. Copify

This content writing service exists as an online network of hundreds of approved writers. All of whom are native English speakers and undergo a vigorous testing procedure to be approved. Simply select your package, indicate how many posts you would like and what subjects you would like to cover. Copify will then begin the creation process. Based on your instructions, the most qualified and available freelancers will be chosen to write your posts to your specification. Finally, Copify offers an easy publishing service. Posts will be delivered regularly to you throughout the month and are ready to be uploaded to most blogging platforms.

You can order content on a one-off basis or in bulk and request changes to your order before accepting the work. If you don’t have the time to regularly update your blog, Copify can supply you with regular quality posts. The monthly packages for this service range from startup, business and premium and cost £69, £129 and £249 respectively. The business plan is the most popular plan and includes 8 posts per month, auto-publishing and social media shares. The prices of blog posts at Copify are significantly cheaper than alternative content providers. Do keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. Given the importance of blogging for your company growth, this is not the best time to be skimping.

Learn more about Copify at:

7. Express Writers

This marketplace for content introduces clients to the most competent writer on their team for a specific project. Express Writers have a team of over 90 copywriters, specifically trained strategists, and social media managers. Each of which has been hand-selected from expert industries and vetted- through which only 2% of applicants pass.

Express Writers know that writing persuasive and entertaining blogs requires Google-savvy writers and a steady flow of regular writing. They claim their blog posts to have been written with your web content keywords in mind by writers with time and SEO knowledge on their hands. Express Writers blogs articles all aim to have eye-catching headlines, answer questions, address problems and include creative content writing.

This service offers add on packages that are exclusively available from their team of content strategists to offer a monthly editorial calendar, ongoing SEO keyword research, and a monthly meeting between you and your strategist. With the help of this add on feature, you can predict the best days to post what categories of topic for the month and analyse competitors. If you lack the time or know-how to build your blog, Express Writers content curation team can help do that for you.

Within your Express Writers blogging package, you can expect to receive the following:

An expert writer assigned to create original blog posts

Topic creation (SEO and headline research for an additional fee)


Posts to be published on your schedule

Direct posting to your blog

1 image selected to match the topic

Monthly blogging package options start at level one blogging for $390 which includes four 500-word blog posts per month. Level two blogging at $550 gives you four 850-word blog posts added to your blog each month. That’s a $190 difference between the two packages for a 350-word difference – a bit excessive some might say. Level three blogging at $1000 will provide you with eight 1000 word articles a month for your blog. This seems to provide better value for money. Whichever package floats your boat, do bear in mind that these rigid prices can be averted by acquiring your content elsewhere.

Learn more about Express Writers at:

8. FatJoe

FatJoe offers a complete copywriting service. It is a good place to start for those who have a limited budget and do not require complex pieces.

To place an order with FatJoe, simply select the length of the piece, create an account and pay for your order. From there, FatJoe will begin the work. It normally takes around 3 days for FatJoe to complete a 1,000-word article.

You can keep track the progress of the order from your FatJoe dashboard.

The pricing is for a 1,000-word article stands at £30. Whether this is a case of quantity over quality is down to the client. However, it can’t be all bad though, considering 97% of customers that buy from FatJoe give them a 4-5 star rating.

Learn more about FatJoe at:

9. Ghost Blog Writers

Ghost Blog Writers is a blog writing service that provides a regular schedule of blog posts for businesses. Ghost Blog Writers assigns a dedicated blog writer to your account. They provide you with blog titles, posts and the service includes uploading and formatting of every post to your blog. Although $40 will get you a 400 word blog post, it will cost you $65 for a 600 to 800-word blog post. While their rates are listed as “per post”, if you read the fine print, they do not accept one-off orders. One issue with many of these site is that the try to get to pay a lot in advance, or they to to get you on a recurring billing cycle.

Learn more about Ghost Blog Writers at:

10. Scripted

This third-party platform provides an interface for clients and freelancers to interact. Thousands of freelance writers await on the other side of the sign-up process for your blogging requests. Upon signing up, you can begin to share your blog project briefs with potential writers. Incorporated into Scripted’s order process is a free strategy quiz to help ensure your brief is coherent and complete. One of the niceties here is its templates for users to share their vision with writers in the most understandable way possible.

Scripted is fully aware of the importance of mobile-friendly content for blogs. A ‘standard’ blog post of 550-650 words lets you explore a topic in more detail that you would be able to with a short blog post. Yet standard blog posts are short enough to still be mobile and reader-friendly. Longer blog posts at Scripted tend to be between 850-950 words – certainly enough scope to provide unique value to your readership. However, since long articles are set at a standard rate at Scripted, if you require a longer article for your blog, you will invariably be charged an additional fee, making it difficult to know where you stand in the ordering process.

Upon receiving your blog post from Scripted, it is time to put it to good use. Scripted’s services do not stop at writing the content for you. They continue to help, making sure your content is performing at the highest ROI. Further paid options allow the client to arrange a weekly discussion with accounts manager to monitor content strategy. All this is encompassed within a personalised content calendar designed to maximise SEO and traffic.

Driven by the marketplace of freelancers, prices at Scripted are based on basic economic principles of supply and demand. They are sensitive to availability, word count and the writers’ level of expertise. Generally, short blog articles of 350-450 start at $47.00 and extend to $98.00 for standard and longer blog posts. It is important to note that Scripted’s non-negotiable membership fee of $149 per month is due prior to purchasing any content. This makes it less appealing for those who require occasional one-off blog posts. However, don’t fret, there are alternatives to Scripted where you can find quality blog writing services without membership fees.

Learn more about Scripted Writers at:

11. Solvid

Whether you’re looking for a crispy blog post or a continuous flow of guest blogging services, Solvid understand the importance of effective content. Their experienced team of copywriters at Solvid have a proven record of writing compelling, engaging copy that relates to the client’s audience – and they are ready to take on any challenge.

They are all about crafting articles that get people thinking, asking questions and wanting more. They understand all too well that the backbone of a good blog post depends purely on research and experience. Creative articulacy comes in at first place.

Solvid take the time to fully understand the client’s needs in order to produce effective content that brings value. You won’t find any two articles the same. To achieve this, Solvid go out of the way to find what works in your industry and then shed light on new findings using different angles. When they find an exciting topic, our research doesn’t stop there. Solvid proceed with extensive keyword and content analysis to appropriately select the tone, style and format of your blog post. It is boundless personalization that differentiates Solvid from the rest.

All blog articles created at Solvid are done so with SEO, traffic and conversions in mind. They are naturally written with search engines borne in mind. Perhaps the most important aspect of doing so is keyword research. Bottom line is, we refuse to create and nurture an article which won’t be found by your audience.

When you receive your blog post from Solvid, they are open to unlimited revisions and edits. They will proofread, edit and amend the copy again and again until you are fully satisfied with the final product. Whilst the team is sure that you will be satisfied with the outcome the first time round, they are committed to achieving your satisfaction in an industry beating turnaround time of 3-4 days for a 1,000-word blog article.

Simple pricing method makes it easy to know exactly what you’re getting. At £0.15 per word, you can expect a carefully structured, well thought-out and engaging blog article of 2,000 words for £300. Simply place your order in minutes and receive your article in a matter of days.

Learn more about Solvid at:

12. Stellar SEO

Stellar SEO is a top-tier link building & content marketing agency founded by Travis Bliffen. To scale content without losing quality, you either need a large in-house team or an agency with a great process that includes layers of quality control.

When asked about the service, Travis shared the following – “Our blog writing service is designed to create engaging, informative content. Every writer on our team is required to complete a content marketing certification course, are U.S. citizens, and have completed at least a Bachelor’s Degree. This, combined with our quality control process gives us a big advantage over similar services.”

While linkable content creation falls under their custom link building program, standard blog posts can be ordered directly through their website.

Stellar SEO’s blog writing service pricing is simple at $.010/word, with the most common lengths (500, 1000, & 1500 words) offered directly through their site:

500 word blog posts: $50

1000-word blog post: $100

1500-word blog post: $150

Learn more about Stellar SEO at:

13. TextBroker

This content provider allows clients to choose the writers they wish to create their content based on their ratings. Users can choose a writer to whom to delegate a project, or they can select the ‘managed service’, whereby TextBroker will take over the entire administration process for you. Clearly, this may leave you with significantly less control over your company blog but is an effective way to save time if need be.

If you want to maintain an active blog with regular updates of relevant posts, TextBroker offers a recurring service, whereby the system automatically places orders for you, at your preferred quantity and interval. This service seems most convenient for businesses that wish to maintain an active blog. However, consider using this function with caution as it generally involves giving lost of control and authority to the external content provider.

Self-service prices at TextBroker vary depending on the level and expertise of the writer. Starting at €1.3 cents per word, and €6.5 cents per word for a more qualified writer. Typically, for a 1,000-word blog article, you can expect to pay € 65.35. This pricing system based on the level of quality or expertise of the writer. Accordingly, TextBroker may be a good option if you are looking for a quick piece of content, which you plan to rigidly edit in-house before publishing.

Learn more about Textbroker at

14. The Hoth

Put your blog on autopilot with the fully managed blog writing service from The Hoth. They will take over the entire process from topic ideation, content creation and publication and distribution. The Hoth aims to provide highly relevant, researched, professionally written content to clients blogs as an A-la-carte service or based on your monthly needs.

The Hoth’s premium service – Blogger Pro gives you access to expert niche writers who can match your brand’s style, tone, and speak expertly to your target audience. The Hoth Blogger Pro offers higher quality blog posts, topic ideation, SEO optimisation, unlimited revisions, stock images, option to post directly to your blog and use of their comprehensive order form.

In a simple process, simply sign up and choose between Blogger and Blogger Pro, explain a little about what you want to create, and that’s it. The Hoth cracks on with researching your niche and generates blog post ideas. Once you approve the topic, The Hoth writers will craft the article, then it’s time to post to your blog. Before this, you can approve or recommend changes. Only with the client’s permission will The Hoth post directly to your blog.

You can expect to pay $280 a month for four 1,000 word articles on Hoth Blogger. Alternatively, Hoth Blogger Pro at $560 per month will give you four 1,000 word articles a month and exclusive access to their comprehensive order form and expert writers from your industry.

Learn more about The Hoth at

15. WriterAccess

Founded in 2010, WriterAccess is a free cloud-based platform that provides access to a workforce of 14,000, screened, and US-based writers, editors, translators and content strategists. WriterAccess is listed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US in 2014 and 2015.

Writer Access has a very organized way of ordering blog writing services. You pay by the word and by the “quality” of the blog writer, which can range from .02/word to .20/word. A four-star writer at .06/word for a 500-word blog post will cost you around $30. With over 14,000 writers, there is no way the service can be very personal and you should expect some variation in quality.

Learn more about Writer Access at:

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