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Best Academic Transcription Services for 2022

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Academic Transcription Services refer to the transcription of lectures, seminars, focus-group discussions etc. held in institutes and universities. During research students collect information through interviews, focus-group discussions in order to substantiate their findings. The transcription is used for academic purposes and hence the name Academic Transcription Services.

Professors, students and universities are the beneficiaries of the Academic Transcription Services. Today, utilizing digital recording technologies in the educational institution has become very common as it helps students to concentrate on what they are studying rather than taking notes. Either the students or the educational institutions record the lectures, seminars and discussions. These recordings need to be converted into text format. This is where the Academic Transcription Services play a vital role as a catalyst. Most of the general transcription companies are investing heavily on academic transcription services. They hire highly qualified transcriptionists, provide them training and cater their services to the academic community. Outsourcing academic recorded materials to academic transcription company has enormous benefits.

The foremost and primary benefit is time saving. Recording a lecture or seminar doesn’t consume time. However, typing them into text consumes a lot of time and it requires typing-skill. A professor or a student does not have enough time or essential skill to spend their valuable time on typing (transcribing). A trained transcriptionist can render this service in a stipulated time. To get the recorded audio transcribed into a document the student needs to get in touch with an academic transcription service company and they can save their valuable time.

Academic transcription services guarantee accuracy. Accuracy is very important when you hire a service provider. Generally academic transcription companies guarantee 98% to 99% accuracy. Even some companies offer money-back guarantee. Quality of the recorded material plays a vital role in accuracy. As long as the audio is clear without background noise and overlapping speech, you can expect more accurate transcription.

Affordability is another benefit one can enjoy when they wisely choose the service provider. There are companies well-known in the transcription industry and charge premium for their service. The ongoing rate for transcription service is between $0.70 per recorded minute to $1.50 per recorded minute. Finding an affordable service provider with accuracy guarantee will be a wise decision. Instead of hiring a transcription service provider who provides discount based on the volume, one can choose a transcription service provider who charges less even for a 30-minute file. In this way one can save a lot and will not regret after completing the task.

In today’s online transcription world confidentiality is of foremost importance. As the technology is very advanced, almost all the companies utilize the best storage in cloud and make sure that the client’s information is not compromised. Even the transcribers will not know for whom they are providing their service until or unless the recording has any mention about the institution or celebrity. However, it is your responsibility to verify the same with the service provider you choose or sign a confidential agreement with the transcription company. In this way you are sure that your materials are safe and there is no room for compromise.

In this article, we’ve hand-picked some of the best academic transcription services you can choose to transcribe your academic audio and videos. We have selected these companies on the basis of consistent accuracy, pricing, security and confidentiality.

Below is a list of some of the best academic transcription services online out there today.

1. Transcribe Interview

"Transcribe Interview" primarily works with professors, students and universities. They are a trusted transcription service provider. Their competency to transcribe research interviews, focus groups, social interactions, thesis creation and doctoral dissertations has proved the test of time. "Transcribe Interview" helps academic researchers to create accurate copy in a timely manner. Their dissertation transcription service is specially designed to give you an extra boost in the last leg of your academic race.

"Transcribe Interview" has a specialized transcription team that is designed to help PhD students and professionals meet their academic aspirations. This team is well versed in multiple subjects and is ready to tackle any audio file transcription requirement. "Transcribe Interview" provides academic transcription services to leading universities in the United States and United Kingdom. Being multilingual, they offer transcription for many foreign languages like Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

Perhaps the thing that makes "Transcribe Interview" stand out above some of the other transcription services is the balance they provide between pricing and accuracy.

Service Highlights

  • Transcription Rate - $0.80 per minute

  • Foreign language transcription starts at $2 per minute

  • Translation starts at $0.07 per word

  • Turnaround from 3 days

  • Verbatim and Time-code - extra $0.20 per minute

  • 98% accuracy guaranteed

  • 100% human produced transcripts

2. TranscriptionStar

Transcriptionstar provides a helping hand to students in preparation of dissertation transcriptions. They claim that their prices are 40% less than that of local transcription companies. They offer quality dissertation transcription services and thesis transcription services to assist the hapless student in achieving his academic goal. TranscriptionStar offers a comprehensive service for all the transcription needs of the students and researchers. TranscriptionStar claims to be friendly transcriber at low costs for university students. The company is aware that transcription process is one of the most challenging assignments to a university student. And they are willing to go extra mile to fulfil the needs of the students in the most proficient manner ever possible.

TranscriptionStar offers bulk order discount and student referral program in place to offer discount for the students.

Service Highlights

  • Transcription Rate - $1 per minute

  • 98% Accuracy and quality guarantee

  • Flexible Turnaround Times (TAT)

  • Time coding option available

  • Round the clock Customer Service

3. Transcription US

Transcription US” is one of the most desirable Transcription Service Providers in the US owing to their dedicated team of skilled Transcribers. They assure 98% accuracy and money-back guarantee just in case you aren’t satisfied. They are transparent in their pricing.

“Transcription US” offers accurate transcription at an affordable price to complete your dissertation and thesis. “Transcription US” as a multilingual transcription company has helped many students on their projects. They are an ideal student transcription partner, thereby letting you concentrate on your other activities towards a successful carrier. They are sure that their student transcription services will surpass your expectation.

“Transcription US” claims that both undergraduate and postgraduate students make use of their academic transcription services to convert their lectures, interviews, seminars or focus group discussions into legible text format.

“Transcription US”, has security measures in place to ensure your files are handled with utmost care right from when you upload, till they deliver. Primary objective is to provide superior transcription services at affordable prices for all clients.

Service Highlights

  • Transcription Rate $0.70 per minute

  • Foreign language transcription starts at $2 per minute

  • Translation starts at $0.06 per word

  • Turnaround from 3 days

  • Verbatim and Time-code at extra $0.20 per minute

  • 98% accuracy guaranteed

  • 100% US based transcriptionists

4. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a well-known company in the field of human-based transcription and translation services. Their clients include government institutions and non-profit organizations to universities and corporations, and become a trusted partner to thousands of clients in the United States.

GMR Transcription claim that their academic transcription services are used by students and professors of reputed universities all over the United States and other countries. However, their transcriptionists are US based and they don’t outsource. Their mission is to deliver the best quality work to their clients through transparency, commitment, dedication, and integrity.

Service Highlights

  • Audio Transcription Rate - $1.50 per minute (1-2 Weeks)

  • Video Transcription Rate - $2 per minute (1-2 Weeks)

  • Verbatim, Time Codes at $0.50 extra per audio minute

  • Minimum order cost - $50

  • 100% human transcriptionists

  • US based transcriptionists

  • 99% Accuracy guarantee

5. Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me offers purchase and manage transcripts through a simple and intuitive platform. They hire and train transcriptionists to ensure the highest quality transcripts for their clients. They offer fast turnaround as they have a pool of over 2 million registered transcriptionists to ensure quick delivery.

Teachers and professors can use academic transcription services to generate secure, accurate, and affordable text from audio recordings. Transcribe Me transcription is perfect for all education system who need to record and transcribe interviews, lectures, meetings, focus groups, etc. First Draft Transcript guarantee 90-95% accuracy that is great for transcripts that don’t need to be completely edited to perfection. They also offer NVivo-Compatible transcription.

Service Highlights

  • Transcription Rate - $1.25 per minute

  • TAT: 1-3 day delivery

  • Speaker IDs available

  • 99%+ Accuracy guarantee

  • HIPAA compliant

6. Voxtab

In today’s fast-paced academic environment, speed and accuracy are essential. Students can avoid the inevitable delays and potential errors of self-transcription by utilizing Voxtab transcription service. Voxtab enables researchers, professors, and students to concentrate on essential academic activities by transcribing research recordings, recorded interviews and classroom recordings.

Voxtab offers transcription services in over 20 languages. They recruit only native language speakers to ensure accurate and fast transcription service. Their transcriptionists are capable of handling multiple speakers, technical terms, diverse accents, and different languages involved.

Service Highlights

  • Transcription Rate Relaxed $1.25 per minute - Turnaround 5 days

  • Translation rate starts at $5 per minute

  • Complimentary add-on services

  • 99% Accuracy guaranteed

  • 100% human - verified transcripts

7. Flatworld Solutions

In today's fast paced world, there is a lot of information across diverse business verticals that need to be transcribed accurately and quickly. Flatworld Solutions has been catering to the requirements of students across the globe for over a decade. Their transcriptionists have the required skills and expertise to provide accurate and affordable student transcription services. They are committed to provide best quality services at highly competent rates. They also provide business transcription services, legal transcription services, etc.

Service Highlights

  • Audio Transcription Rate - $0.70 per minute

  • Video Transcription Rate - $0.83 per minute

  • Time stamping at a nominal additional price

  • TAT: Based on the volume

  • 99% Accuracy guarantee

8. Metaphrasis

Metaphrasis is primarily a translation and interpretation service provider; also cater their services in the field of audio transcription. They provide audio transcription services for corporate companies, educational institutions and legal firms. Audio materials may not be understood by all those who need the information. However, the transcripts will be easier for them to be understood. They provide audio transcription services in Chicago, IL and throughout the country to translate audio files and videos into text in multiple languages. Their professionals will listen carefully to the audio to ensure an accurate audio transcription to text that conveys the information being presented. They are helping professionals in many fields and transcribe video and oral recordings that cover a wide range of subjects. One can expect accurate transcriptions of any recorded audio or video materials across many different industries.

Service Highlights

  • Audio Transcription Rate - Check with company

  • TAT: Based on the volume

  • 98% Accuracy guarantee

9. Transcriptionwave

Transcriptionwave is one of the human transcription service companies that ensure high quality transcripts with a maximum accuracy guarantee. They follow high-level Security compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GLBA, and state-level data encryption and privacy. They offer academic transcription services for academic students and professors for task mostly involve interviews to accomplish a dissertation. They claim to provide the best-in-class academic transcription service to meet the academic requirements. Their services include dissertation transcription, thesis transcription, lecture transcription and seminar transcription.

Service Highlights

  • Audio Transcription Rate - $1.17 per minute

  • TAT: 48 hours

  • 98% Accuracy guarantee

10. Qualtranscribe

Qualtranscribe offers academic interview transcription services for Colleges or Research Institutes. They undertake transcription assignments regardless of volume. Their service is trusted by most of the world's top universities and research institutes, as their support gives an edge and advantage in the transcription industries. They can help students maintain the integrity of their insight discovery for interviews and focus groups with their precise transcription service. Their service also will help you to avoid bias or misinterpretation and have everything word for word.

Service Highlights

  • Audio Transcription Rate - $0.85 per minute

  • TAT: 5 Days

  • 98% Accuracy guarantee

11. NYC Transcription

NYC Transcription is committed to offer high quality transcription at fast turnaround time. They offer transcription services in New York City and throughout the United States. They also accept tape cassettes to transcribe from audio to text. In order to provide the most accurate transcription, they utilize 100% human force. Moreover, they only use US-based Transcriptionists demonstrating proper professionalism, experience, communication, reliability and full command of the English language. They guarantee confidentiality and will sign confidentiality statements. NYC Transcription also takes strict steps in quality control to produce the most accurate and timely transcripts for their customers. Though the price is on the higher side, you can trust their service.

Service Highlights

  • Audio Transcription Rate - $1.50 per minute

  • TAT: 3-4 days

  • Accuracy: 99% or higher with broadcast quality transcripts

12. Weloty

Weloty provides academic transcription services to Graduate and PhD students, professors and researchers in the global academic community. They transcribe a broad range of interesting and compelling content for dissertation and thesis research fulfillment. Their qualitative research transcription services include high-quality transcription of academic interviews, focus group discussions, lectures and seminars. Their staff, comprised entirely of university graduates, is uniquely trained to handle diverse academic and qualitative research transcription projects. They also provide transcripts for NVivo or Atlas.ti import format so that you can take full advantage of these software’s analysis capabilities.

Service Highlights

  • Transcription Rate – $1 per minute

  • TAT: 2 days

  • Accuracy: 98%

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