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Are there any side effects of transplant surgery?

A Hair Transplant is surgery to restore the hair. As we know, hair loss is a major problem in today’s world. Hair transplants over the past 25 years made incredible results and are highly in demand with good feedback. The hair transplant procedure is painless with a very high success rate. It is a globally accepted procedure for both men and women.

After a surgery various advantages, one can get like, look young, natural appearance, aesthetic look, and so on. Everyone shows you the best part of the surgery or some glorify it. Apart from all these advantages, people are worried about the hair transplant side effects. Indeed, there are some side effects, which you might get after surgery.

The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in India says that side effects can be of different types and are varied from patient to patient. It is also mentioned that not all people would suffer from side effects but not all would be trouble-free and can experience anything mild to strong side effects like:


As it will be a surgical process, some amount of bleeding is expected during and post-surgery. Generally, bleeding starts from the donor area and that will stop once the doctor applies pressure on that part. Firstly, the doctor will make sure that there would be no chance of bleeding but if it is there you should call or consult a doctor immediately.


If your surgery was done in a well-known clinic and a respected doctor who has experienced many years in this field then there will be a rare chance of infection. But there is still a possibility and when you go to the doctor again with the same issue then the doctor will prescribe you certain medications and you will be fine.


This is the common effect that most people feel especially those who have gone through the FUT hair transplant surgery. But don’t worry, your surgeon will provide you with the painkillers and pain stays a maximum of 2 to 3 days but if there are more than 3 days then it is advisable by the Best Hair Transplant in India that you should visit your surgeon as soon as possible.


When a patient has undergone the FUT Hair Transplant Surgery than on the donor area that would be a very thin line of the scar but that should fade away over time. Moreover, it is entirely based on the healing process of the patient and how much time the scar will be shown. Most of the visible scars can be covered with short hair growth.


On the recipient area, a thread of pimple-like bubbles might occur and because of that, you could feel itching. But don’t take stress on some days this would go when you apply on some prescribed tube or keep that area moisturised. But if there is some big problem you can consult with your surgeon.

Hence, Hair Transplant in India is a fairly safe method and people are happy to see the result. Although some of the side effects are there, in the end people will feel happy and have satisfaction after the surgery.

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