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Are There Any Side Effects of Hair Transplant?

Over the years, Hair Transplant Surgery has undergone significant technological advancements, becoming safer and minimally invasive while delivering better, natural-looking results. However, Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure, and there is still a possibility of some temporary side effects.

Here are Some Side Effects of Hair Transplant:


Some amount of bleeding after your hair transplant surgery is normal. It will stop once pressure is applied. The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai will make sure that there is minimal risk of bleeding. Avoid blood-thinning medications and don’t engage in intense activities.

Thinning of Hair:

In some cases, you might experience thinning of hair after your procedure. There’s no reason to worry. Your hair will return to its original thickness within a few months.


Some patients may experience mild pain after the procedure. Though uncommon in occurrence, your doctor will prescribe painkillers to manage the situation.


Scalp infection is a rare side effect and can be treated with antibiotics. You can reduce the chances of infections by undergoing your procedure at the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai with an experienced surgeon.


There may be some temporary swelling and numbness in the transplant area. It should subside within the week. Medicines are prescribed to reduce discomfort.

Shock Loss:

Shock Loss is the phase when your hair follicles start falling within the first couple of months post-procedure. It’s not a cause of concern and is actually normal and expected. Your hair will regrow after the shedding phase is over.


Itching is a common side effect that occurs as your scalp heals. Avoid scratching the site. Use the solution and shampoo given by the doctor routinely. Itching, too, will subside within a few days.


Hiccups occur in about 5% of hair transplantation cases, though the cause is unknown. It may last for a few hours to a few days and eventually stop.


Hair transplant in Mumbai is a safe and proven treatment option for people dealing with hair loss and baldness. Though side effects may occur, they are temporary and will subside within a short duration. To avoid the risk of unpleasant complications, you should choose a reputed clinic with the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Mumbai who can provide detailed instructions and assist you throughout recovery.

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