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All You Need To Know About The University Of California Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley is situated in Berkeley inside California City. The city is world famous for being the originator of Free Speech Movement of 1960s. There are about 37,000 students which makes it a popular destination for college-bound students. UC Berkeley is home to some of the top academic schools and departments in the world, so if you're a high school student or have a college-bound student and you are considering UC Berkeley.

The University of California Berkeley is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. It is ranked on top of the best universities in the world. This blog by Go To University, the best study abroad portal, will look at what makes this University so special, from its history to the various departments and some of the world's top alumni that have studied here.

The History And Present Of University Of California Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley was founded in 1868 due to the signing of the Morrill Act by President Lincoln. Its establishment, which was called for by activist Leland Stanford, came to be as a result of lobbying efforts of numerous Californians who argued that the education offered at existing institutions were inadequate at best and dangerously insufficient at worst.

As stated in its Organic Act, the purpose of this branch land-grant university is to serve as an institution where adequate and comprehensive education may be obtained in all departments of science, literature and art industrial and professional pursuits general education.

The city in which the university is established, Berkeley, has seen various political upheavals back in the 1960s. In 1964, there was a Free Speech Movement too. But, in the present century, the place, as well as the university, has become less political. They are now focusing on gaining more funds and expertise in STEM areas, which is why the University of California Berkeley is gaining more traction these days.

Academics And Programs At University Of California Berkeley

University has witnessed a major lot of undergraduate students since its establishment. However, it doesn’t only provide graduation courses. The university provides some of the finest doctoral degrees too. Primarily, it is a Tier One research university that has been accredited with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges since 1949. Secondly, it is spread across 14 colleges and schools making it accessible for numerous people from cities other than Berkeley.

Coming to its academic performance, the university has over 180 departments and 80 interdisciplinary units. With these units, they offer more than 300 courses from which students can choose their preferred one. Some of the famous units of the university are the College of Chemistry, Hass School of Business, School of Public Health, School of Law, College of Letters and Science etc. The ratio of students and professors in it is 17.8 to 1. The professors and faculty of this university hold an impressive 9 Nobel Prizes. The alumni of this university holds more than 30 Nobel Prizes. Not just that, the students and alumni of the University of California Berkeley have won 117 Gold, 51 Silver and 39 Bronze Olympic Medals.

Requirements For Undergraduate Course Admission

Undergraduate degrees are offered by four authorities: the University of California system as a whole, Berkeley specifically, the college or school offering the degree program and finally the department that oversees instruction. Requirements for undergraduate degrees vary from school to school, so it's important to know who is "running the show" and make sure to get their approval before starting any work toward your degree. University require an entry-level writing test before enrollment. Such a task is optionally fulfilled by minimum scores on exams such as the SAT or ACT. You would also be needed to complete coursework on "American History and Institutions". It can be done before or after enrolment by being present in a simple introductory class. Additionally, you would need to pass an "America Cultures Breadth" class at the same city.

University Of California Berkeley’s Campus

Berkeley houses several museums and research centres, with some of the most prominent being located in the campus' central area. Although it occupies only 1,232 acres total, the campus is broken up into several different sections. Buildings below the upper areas house plenty of Berkeley's research facilities and departments; one of these is the Lawrence Hall of Science which teaches kids fun experiments based on scientific principles through interactive exhibits. There are also plenty of conservation sites where students can learn more about nature's fascinating creatures!

University Of California Berkeley’s Cost To Study

Education can be invaluable in your life. Berkeley specializes in providing quality education and we're constantly striving to stay on top of innovation when it comes to financial aid options. More than $750 million is awarded every year through financial aid alone just at Berkeley! We realize that education can dramatically change the rest of your life and with the help of scholarships and grants, you might be surprised to learn just how much affordable higher learning is for you!

As per research by GoTo University, the estimated cost for a CA resident to study at the University of California Berkeley would be around 42000 USD. While, for someone who is not a CA resident, the cost increases. The total annual budget for a non-CA resident individual would be somewhere around 75000 USD. With various scholarships and working while studying, you can easily manage the annual fees without having to take an extra burden on your head.

The University of California Berkeley’s campus is one of the most renowned universities like New York University, in the world for several reasons. Berkeley is known for being the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, and the birthplace of the 1960s’ social revolution. It’s a world-renowned hub of arts and ideas and is the home to many different museums and galleries. It’s also known for its research labs, and its contributions to science, technology, and medicine. This university is a great place to study, and we hope that you’ll consider applying to one of their many programs! If you want to learn more about the campus, or about how to apply, please contact Go To University, the best study abroad portal. Read More:- Study Computer Science in The USA

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