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5 SaaS Platforms to Invest in to Streamline Workflow

Whether you run a small business or a multinational, there are always deadlines to meet, regulatory challenges to deal with, and several other challenges. To streamline your workflow and work through all these challenges, you need the right tools, and SaaS tools come in handy. Below are five tools that can help you make the best of your workday.

Google Workspace

Most businesses today still use Microsoft Office suite tools. These tools have been reliable, but things are changing. The use of desktop tools is no longer a viable option, especially for businesses that want better file management.

Google Workspace is one of the new tools that teams are using. It comes as a set of connected apps, including Sheets, Docs, Slides, Hangout, and Forms among others. The Google Workspace interface has the same interface as the Microsoft Office interface, but Google refined them, so you will have better access to the most used functions. Further, the tools make it better for you to collaborate with teams in the same or other organization.

Sharing, editing, and publishing are simple on these apps. Further, the apps have standard autosave. This way, you can work on your desktop, save, and continue on mobile.

Active Collab

This is a project management app that allows you to overview different aspects of a project and overview different departments. You can use it to create plans, set timeframes, and track the progress of different projects. If you make a change on a program, it should reflect on the app for easy review.

With Active Collab, teams will work together better on one or more projects and from the same or different locations. The app helps you with tracking, setting timelines, creating project reports, and version control among others.

Iris Works

Iris Works is an online booking system that makes it easier for clients to book services, schedule an appointment, sign a contract, and pay online. All this takes place in one simple step. This platform allows you to do everything from the same page, so you never have to move back and forth.

Businesses using the platform can customize their work hours. These businesses can also send work invitations to their clients through email with dates and times notifying them when to book and how to pay. For instance, a photography business can send invitations to their leads using the photography booking calendar to easily set appointments. This will reduce the amount of back and forth messaging. The platform adds all the information on new leads on the lead page. This way, you can automate the sending of emails. Users of the platform can shift to the iOS and Android mobile app that works in connection with the Iris Works web platform.

Git and Github

Git helps with version control. It is an ideal tool for anyone designing digital products. Github, on the other hand, hosts social code. With these two platforms, you have better independent collaboration. As you develop your products, you will enjoy having different developers test them and fix bugs across several applications. As a product development manager, you will have your hands free so that you can concentrate on the internalization process.

These two solutions come in handy for businesses of all sizes. They will help you edit files, create and add content, copy repositories, and update product versions with ease. Integrating these two solutions helps you manage your workflow better.


If you have large teams, working on different projects, or you are in different time zones, you need a tool that enhances collaboration and boosts productivity. With Phrase, you have a tool that enables you to manage product localization and incorporate different languages. All stakeholders in the business want to have a smooth translation.

With Phrase, you will monitor localization and the translation process in real-time. You can monitor the translation orders, tasks, language versions, and costs with so much ease on the platform. You will be able to create translation glossaries and memories to help with external quality control. It is easy to integrate Phrase with other tools, such as Github and Git.

Invest in a SaaS Platform to Streamline Your Workflow

There are so many other tools to help you work better. Your business needs to stay on top of trends in SaaS to reap the benefits that come with online applications. SaaS helps you with teamwork, employee monitoring, better use of social media, and so many other activities within the organization.

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