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5 Questions to Consider When Purchasing A Home

The housing market has been outstanding in most parts of the country. It means low-interest rates and a considerable number of available inventory to choose from for a buyer. However, since the market is good, it doesn't automatically qualify you as one of the newest homeowners. Instead, whether it is the right time to buy a home is very personal, and it requires a careful examination of your status to determine whether it is right for you. Below are the top five questions you need to ask yourself before deciding whether you are ready to start.

Am I Financially Ready to Undertake it?

The most important thing for a first-time buyer is financial readiness. Financial readiness when buying a home means having money for a down payment and understanding in detail the implications of owning a home. Nowadays, everything has become expensive, especially those related to the real estate market, such as homeowners insurance, property taxes, and utilities such as lawn care and snow removal services. Therefore before buying a house, it is essential to look at your finances because it will help you understand where you stand before going in.

How Long Do I Intend to Stay in the House?

The amount of time you plan to spend in a given area is also a factor to consider before purchasing a home. If you plan to move out of the area in the next year, buying a home is not ideal for you. For your home purchase to be a great investment, only buy a home when you are comfortable staying in a particular house for a minimum of five years. This period will give you enough time to build up equity and make up for the cost of buying, selling, and moving. Lehigh Valley real estate agents are the best pick for you when you purchase a long-term home in Allentown.

Why Do You Want to Buy The House?

Determining the main reason why you want to buy a house may seem simple, but it is crucial in deciding when to buy a home or not. With so many people opting to work remotely, having an extra home office is necessary. Instead of paying for a large apartment, you can use that money and move to a bigger house that will accommodate your home office. You can also be looking to move out of your starter home, which is usually smaller than what you want to buy. All these factors will help you determine if it is the right time to buy a home or not.

Are My Finances Stable?

You may be going through a significant career change, and you are working your way back to the top. If you feel like there is a real chance that you could lose your job the next month or the future isn't clear, you may not want to buy a home. This will give you the geographical freedom to move where you have secured your new job. In the current economy, there is nothing like 100% job security. One of the best practices you can undertake is to be confident that your finances could shield you from a temporary source of income and continue paying your mortgage. The best way to achieve this is by having enough money in the bank to cover about six months' worth of living expenses.

What is My Budget

Know your budget and commit to staying within it. According to real estate experts, since there is always some, bigger, nicer, and better, it can be easy to get tempted by a place above your means. When you opt for this path, you will sacrifice other things in life to pay for it. Therefore it is vital to always understand your budget and the limits where it can be stretched. You can use a mortgage calculator to quickly get an idea of the ideal House you can afford within your budget.


Ask yourself these questions, and be honest with your answers. If you want to buy, but the answers to these questions don't weigh on the positive side, it doesn't mean you will never own a home. It is just a matter of strategically timing your purchase for about two years when your savings, lifestyle and career have all aligned with the implications of owning a home.

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