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International Kissing Day

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International Kissing Day, celebrated on July 6, is a wonderful opportunity to commemorate the significance of kissing in all its various forms. Whether you favor a gentle peck or a passionate smooch, this day acknowledges the importance of this simple yet powerful gesture. Kissing is a longstanding practice that holds significance beyond romantic relationships. It encompasses a range of gestures, from French kissing and formal kisses on the cheek, to hello and goodbye kisses. Its cultural and social importance transcends mere romance.

History of International Kissing Day

The Romans played a significant role in popularizing kissing throughout Europe. They classified kissing into three categories: the osculum, which was a friendly kiss on the cheek; the basium, which was a loving kiss on the lips; and the savium, which represented the most passionate kisses exchanged on the mouth. In ancient Roman society, the manner in which individuals kissed each other held significant meaning and served as a reflection of their social standing. The specific location, time, and manner in which one engaged in kissing were important indicators of their status within the community.

During World War I, American and British servicemen in France observed that French women were more receptive to engaging in passionate kisses, leading them to coin the term "French kiss". This term was used to describe the technique that was embraced more freely by French women compared to their American and British counterparts. Although the French were not the original practitioners of "French kissing," they are often credited with popularizing it thanks to the passionate romantic culture associated with France during that time period.

It is intriguing to note that the French language did not have a specific word for the famous mouth-on-mouth kiss until recently. In 2014, the verb "galocher," which means "kissing with tongues," was added to the popular yet unofficial French dictionary, Le Petit Robert. In recent times, French kissing has gained immense popularity to the extent that a group of Japanese researchers have developed a machine specifically for French kissing. This machine allows separated couples to connect through computer-operated straw-like devices.

International Kissing Day serves as more than just an occasion for French kissing your significant other. Its aim is to foster a greater sense of closeness among people in general. The concept behind this notion is that many individuals have lost sight of the joy and satisfaction that can come from kissing purely for the sake of kissing, rather than as a social obligation. Kissing has the potential to be a pleasurable experience in its own right, serving as a means of expressing love and creating intimacy between two people.

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