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How to Get Admission in the University of California Berkeley?

The University of California, Berkeley was founded in 1868 as the University of California. It is popularly known as UC Berkeley which is a public land grant research university in Berkeley and also the state's first land grant University. It is regarded as one of the Top Universities in the USA and is located in San Francisco’s Bay Area. Generally, the two courses that are most popular at UC Berkeley are the mathematical sciences research institute and the space sciences laboratory. It is worth mentioning that 16 chemical elements of the periodic table were discovered by the researchers of the UC Berkeley institute. In addition to it, Berkeley is ranked among the world's top universities by major educational publications. Its fourteen colleges and schools offer over 350 degree programs. UC Berkeley has both undergraduate and graduate students and when we talk about the schools then they have basically graduate students only, though some offer undergraduate majors or minors.

Courses provided by University of California Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley has a very great environment for learning and Studying in the USA. They give them opportunities to the students in various courses whereas, the University provides practical experience and prepares the students in a great way. The university has years of experience in teaching, a friendly environment, culture and much more. They provide high-quality study to the students. UC Berkeley has the best professors for all the courses and provides guidance to the students. Apart from theory learning, UC Berkeley gives the opportunity for the students to gain practical knowledge through seminars, visiting different study-oriented sites.

The University of California contains different types of courses in all 14 schools and colleges: Chemistry; Education; Engineering; Environmental Design; Business; Information; Journalism; Law; Letters and Science; Natural Resources, Optometry, Public Health, Public Policy and Social Welfare. It has 130 departments of academics and all these courses have the best professors who teach students in the best manner.

University's Achievements

As we mentioned at the top universities in California, the rate of UC Berkeley is about 17. The university gives the number of great people to the world who hold Nobel prizes and current faculty members in university hold 7 members who have been bestowed with Nobel Prize. It is a research-oriented institution. But not just research, the students and alumni have participated in sports as well; the total record of Olympic medals won by students and alumni of UC, Berkley is 183 (103 Gold, 47 Silver, 33 Bronze). And has more than 1,600 full-time faculty members (7 Nobel Prize winners). Apart from this, the university discover vitamin E and K, the atomic bomb, flu vaccine, Plutonium and wet suits.

Requirements to Get Admission

It is one of the Top Universities in the USA, so, it is not easy to study there but not impossible. So, to get admission to UC Berkeley, a student should have

● Strong proficiency in the English language.

● Students need to complete IELTS with a minimum score of 7.

All the best to your studies and work hard to get admission there. Read More:- New York University

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