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How Companies Can Offer Unique Benefits to Improve Employee Retention

These days, employees are looking for something more. They want to go to work and receive benefits that prove that their company cares about them as people. While insurance and a 401k are a good start, you need to start to think outside of the box if you really want to keep your staff engaged. Here at Xpressurway, we love to educate people on various topics, and we have some great tips for new benefits and perks that you can offer your teams to improve retention and increase employee satisfaction.

Conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey

While we will talk about many different benefits that you can start offering today, it is important that you actually take the time to understand your teams so you can provide good perks instead of just throwing out a lot of programs that they may not like. You can do that by conducting an employee satisfaction survey every year.

In it, ask your staff what they like about their jobs and what could be improved. Since you are interested in improving your benefits package, you can ask outright what benefits would make their work and personal lives better. Although you won’t be able to fulfill every promise, seriously consider implementing the feedback you receive.

Offer Educational Benefits and Online Programs Like IT

One of the best benefits that you can provide to your staff is the opportunity to expand their minds through further education. This type of benefit is a win-win for everyone. It gives your employees a chance to spread their wings and learn new topics and it allows your organization to have more well-rounded workers. It is a good idea to offer extra educational incentives to employees who want to learn subjects that will help your company grow. For instance, they could return to school and learn about instructional technology. IT is a great choice because it will allow them to learn about new technology and how to thwart cybercrime.

Since you will likely still need your employees to continue working for your company, it is a good idea to offer the chance for online classes that they can attend nights and on weekends. IT classes also take place on weekends and many courses will provide you with certifications. Employees with CompTIA stackable certificates will be certified in a number of topics that can help your company thrive. These are also great to add to a resume and your employees will be thrilled that you gave them the opportunity to succeed.

Flexible and Hybrid Scheduling

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees began to realize just how fleeting life can be, so they started quitting their jobs in hopes of finding a better work/life balance. This phenomenon is all part of what they call the Great Resignation, and it will affect your company if you don’t make a change.

So, reach out to your employees and ask what type of schedule they prefer. If employees have families and request to work from home, and it won’t hurt your business to let them do so, then consider allowing it. Also, if an employee needs a later or earlier shift, then allow it. If you need them in the office some days but not others, then you might also consider a hybrid schedule. It is important to keep an open mind. Your employees will appreciate that you care about their needs.

Offer Fitness and Wellness Programs

Sitting in an office cubicle all day can be hard on our bodies. It is easy to slouch over, hurt our backs, and gain weight due to a lack of movement. Show your staff that you care about their health and them as people by offering benefits and perks on fitness programs. You could provide a discount on a gym or a yoga class. Even better, consider setting up voluntary group trips to a park or to a local marathon so they can get physical while bonding with their teammates.

Many companies kick this idea up a notch by creating monthly check-ins where employees can take tests to show how healthy and active they are. Then, if they have a positive result, then they can get some money off of their insurance premium every month. You shouldn't scold those who are not able to meet the requirements, but it is a nice incentive to reward those who prioritize their health.

As you can see, there are many different benefits and programs that you can offer to your employees in order to create a happier and more efficient workforce. Heavily consider flexible schedules, health rewards, and the chance to return to school and earn a certification, and your employees will thank you through their work. If you would like to read the other informative articles available on Xpressurway then check out our site or contact us on the form here.

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