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A Guide to Freelance Copywriting For Beginners

A freelance copywriter works by contract or by project, writing and designing content for commercial use. Freelance copywriters' job is to inform, motivate and persuade customers to hop on the brand’s wagon in some shape or form.

Freelance copywriters:

  • Do not have a set schedule - thus work wherever (a lot of the time) and whenever they please (but still meeting deadlines).

  • Can often choose what kind of projects to work in and which brands.

  • Have room for their creativity to shine through, especially when working with clients on the same wavelength.

If you wish to be a copywriter yourself, know that there is no limit to what you can do in the field - especially when you go against the grain and create from the well of infinite possibilities.

When you have zero talent for copy work, devote yourself to study and practical exercises to get you to where you want to be. If you are talented in copy work, make sure to hone it into a skill to get you far as a fine copywriter.

To start off, make sure that you at least:

• Have a tint of confidence.

When you are confident in what you know you are capable of, even if you do not fully perform to that degree, it will keep the imposter syndrome from setting in. And, when a prospective client comes along, you will be able to communicate your strengths with absolute clarity.

• Know your language.

You do not have to be an expert in the field, because let's admit, no one knows all the vocabulary words in the dictionary - they are constantly expanding. Know your basics, but never limit yourself to what you learned in middle school/high school. Forget about school shenanigans and get in the field with an open mind, and express yourself confidently.

• Be flexible.

Copywriters will have one task today and another tomorrow. For instance, you could be working on a blog post today and be assigned to work on a selling brochure for the rest of the week. Be ready to adapt and stay afoot with different types of writing styles for different kinds of tasks.

And lastly, make sure that you find the words, methods and organization protocols that work for you. Stick by your own rhythm, because the habits you stick to from the very beginning will do justice on your way to success.

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